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Submission Instructions: Instruction Course and New Skills Transfer Lab Abstracts

Please complete all required pages of the abstract submitter. Failure to complete the required fields will result in the abstract not being successfully submitted.

On this page:

Status of Submitted Course Abstract
New Course: Course is being submitted for the FIRST time for consideration in the Academy's Instruction Course program.

To submit a new Instruction Course abstract, enter the title and select Create.

Previously Offered Course: The course has been offered within the last three years.

The abstract submitter will list any instruction course you presented within the last three years. To resubmit a course, select the course title and follow the instructions to update your abstract. Resubmitted courses will compete with all other new course applications; it will have no special priority because of its previous presentation.

All selected courses will be offered for one year. If a course has been offered previously it will be reviewed by the Annual Meeting Program Committee to determine if

  1. it is continuing to fulfill the needs of the Academy's annual meeting attendees;
  2. it is attracting reasonably-sized audiences;
  3. there is meeting room space available.

If you are passing an old instruction course on to a new Senior Instructor, either the new Senior Instructor or you must log onto the submitter using your login information in order to update the information. This includes changing the author order. Do not create a new instruction course.

The title of an abstract may not exceed 120 characters. Please use title case when entering your abstract (use both upper-and lowercase letters as appropriate). No extra formatting is needed.

Senior and Co-Instructors
A maximum of five instructors (including senior instructor) is recommended per course hour.

You are required to provide contact information for all instructors. If an instructor does not exist within the Academy's database, please add the instructor by providing the name and an accurate and unique email address.

Subject Classification
Please refer to the list of main subject classifications. More specific topics are listed under these main classifications. Please be as specific as possible when selecting your subject classification. You may only select one subject.

Course Abstract
Provide a two-part structure abstract describing the synopsis and objective(s) of the course.

  • Course synopsis describes the material to be presented in the course.
  • Course objective(s) define the specific measurable outcomes expected for the attendee and should complete the sentence, "At the conclusion of this course, the attendee will be able to…"

Do not use proprietary names alone in the title or the body of the abstract. If necessary, you may include a proprietary name in parentheses directly after the generic name on first use in the body of the abstract. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reserves the right to replace proprietary names with generic names.

The abstract may not exceed 1000 characters (approximately 100 words with spaces). If the abstract is too long, it will not be successfully submitted.

Course Outline
A course outline must be submitted for ALL course submissions, regardless of whether or not the course has been presented before. The outline must present a moderate amount of detail about the main points of the course. Please include one page per course hour. You will be asked to upload your course outline. Please prepare your outline prior to submitting the course abstract.

You will be required to answer the following questions:

Education Level: Basic (Introductory)/Intermediate/Advanced


 Lecture  Didactic lecture with scheduled Q&A
 Panel  Panel discussion
 Case Presentation  Case presentations/discussion. May include a panel.

Target Audience: Comprehensive Ophthalmologists/Subspecialists/Both

Hours Requested: 1 or 2. The selection committee will determine the number of course hours based on your request and the abstract. Priority will be given to courses that can be successfully presented in the least time.

Financial Disclosure: Do you or any of your co-instructors have a financial interest in this presentation?

Cosponsoring Organization: Academy committees and subspecialty organizations represented on the Academy's Council are eligible to cosponsor a course. Cosponsored courses may not be submitted without the prior knowledge and approval of the cosponsoring organization.

Background Statement: Provide a succinct statement explaining why this topic should be addressed at the Annual Meeting. What general clinical or patient need led you to submit this abstract? You may use up to 250 characters, approximately 40 words, with spaces. (Examples: Need for a more effective treatment for macular edema or need for a review of techniques for managing cataract complications).

The Background Statement is an opportunity to provide additional information to the Annual Meeting Program Committee on the clinical relevance of your course. The text will not be published and is for the use of the selection committee.

State Society Presentation: Would you be willing to present the material at a state society meeting? Are you a state society member?

Special Audio Visual Requirements: Will your course require any special AV support? Please list.

Special AV support is any equipment or service required beyond the standard room set up and may not be able to be accommodated. Examples are 3D equipment, Ethernet connection and video recording.

Standard room set up includes LCD projector and 16:9 format projection screen, lectern and table microphones, audio mixer, presentation laptop PC and mouse with capability of accepting media on CD-ROM or USB storage device, and VGA connections at lectern and head table to connect computer sources to LCD projector.

Withdraw Abstract
To withdraw your abstract from consideration, select Withdraw Abstract. You may withdraw your abstract at any time until the deadline. By selecting withdraw, your abstract will not be forwarded to the Annual Meeting Program Committee for review.

Once an abstract is withdrawn, it cannot be reinstated. You must complete a new abstract to have it considered by the Annual Meeting Program Committee.

Practice Management Instruction Courses
To submit a new practice management instruction course, select Practice Management/AAOE Instruction Course as the abstract type and select Create.

The abstract submitter will list any Practice Management/AAOE Instruction Course you presented within the last three years. To resubmit a course, select the course title and follow the instructions to update your abstract.

Practice Management/AAOE Instruction Courses are not required to have a member as an instructor.

New and Reinvited Skills Transfer Labs
New Skills Transfer lab abstracts must be submitted by the Jan. 13, 2015 deadline. Select New Skills Transfer Lab as the submission type and select Create. You will be required to complete additional questions regarding lab requirements.

Directors of Skills Transfer labs and didactics presented at AAO 2014 will be sent information on the status of their course in January.