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Frequently Asked Questions: Papers/Posters

What is the submission deadline for Paper/Poster abstracts?
Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

When will I be notified about the status of my abstract?
Paper/Poster abstract notifications will be sent by email to Presenting Authors by July 10, 2015. It is the responsibility of the Presenting Author to contact the Academy in the event that notification is not received within two weeks of the published notification date. The final schedule for accepted presentations will not be available until July 31, 2015.

I do not have an Academy Account, how can I submit my abstract?
All submissions are accepted through the Academy's website; submitting authors need to use an existing account or create one. All Academy members (present and past), past program participants and those who have ever attended an AAO meeting already have an Academy account.

Do I need to be a member of the Academy to submit an abstract?
No, but all submissions must include at least one Academy Fellow or Member or Candidate for Membership as an author. The Presenting Author does not need to be a member of the Academy.

Obtain information regarding Academy membership or send an email to

I'm an optometrist, can I submit an abstract?
For AAO 2015, members of the American Academy of Optometry are invited to submit paper/poster abstracts as a Presenting Author. The submission must include at least one Academy Fellow or Member or Candidate for Membership as an author.

Can optometrists attend AAO 2015?
Only optometrists who are members of the American Academy of Optometry and who have been selected for presentation may attend AAO 2015. If optometrists included on an accepted abstract are not members of the American Academy of Optometry, they may not attend AAO 2015.

Is there a maximum length for the abstract?
Yes, 800 characters. The character limit is set to allow an abstract submission of approximately 100 words, including spaces. The online submitter application will display a character count above the text box of the abstract. The application counts hidden formatting in the abstract when text is copy/pasted into the field. To avoid exceeding the character limits, paste only simple text.

Is there a maximum length for titles?
Yes, 120 characters.

What do I need to do about disclosures?
Each submitting author is prompted to enter their financial interest disclosure information at the initial login to the abstract system. All contributors are required to disclose financial relationship information annually. The Academy will apply the responses to all educational activities during the 2015 calendar year.

The Disclosure Policy states "all contributors" – how are co-author disclosures collected?
The Academy will request disclosure information from co-authors; accurate e-mail addresses are required for all co-authors that are manually added during the submission process.

I'm employed by a commercial interest. May I submit an abstract?
Yes. Presenters who are employed by a commercial interest may be permitted to present under special circumstances. Presentations must be limited to biology, physiology or physics; the discovery process itself; early research where no product is yet developed; or topics unrelated to the business lines or products of their employer. Presentations must not include treatment, diagnosis, or patient care recommendations.

If my abstract is accepted, how do I follow the disclosure policy at AAO 2015?
Presenters are required to display financial relationships on the first slide of their presentation, or on the poster and electronic poster, or video. The presenter should also verbally state their disclosures and may use this opportunity to highlight those that are relevant to the presentation.

  • A written and verbal statement of "author has no financial interest" is required when the presenter has no disclosures.
  • Slides should include ALL disclosures, not only those that the author feels are relevant.
  • The presenter may wish to verbally indicate that while they DO have financial relationships, none are relevant to the particular presentation.

Even with disclosure, presentations should never promote the use of any commercial product.

I want to publish my abstract and also present at the Academy, what should I do?
Academy submission policy states that Ophthalmology has the first right of refusal on all AAO 2015 presentations. In order to meet the requirements of this policy, your manuscript should first be submitted to Ophthalmology for review. This can be done at any time, even before notification of the status of the submission. If Ophthalmology does not wish to publish the manuscript, you are released from copyright and free to submit to other publications as well as present at AAO 2015 if the abstract is accepted.

If your manuscript has already been rejected by Ophthalmology, you are in compliance with the Academy policy. The Annual Meeting Program Committee gives greater priority to original work. If the research is released by Ophthalmology and then approved for publication elsewhere, the material should not appear online or in print until after AAO 2015. 

Can I submit my research if it has already been published somewhere else?
Previously published abstracts should not be submitted without first being rejected by Ophthalmology.

Can I submit research that I have presented elsewhere?
Yes, previously presented material may be submitted for review but ONLY when the presentation given is not bound by the copyright of another organization.

I want to submit as POSTER ONLY or PAPER ONLY, how should I indicate this on my submission?
If a paper/poster abstract is selected for presentation, the committee will choose between paper or poster unless the author indicates they want to be considered as a PAPER ONLY or POSTER ONLY. NOTE: paper/poster submissions (no limit) have the best acceptance rates. Limited abstracts are rejected if the committee cannot accommodate the preference.  Indicating paper/poster allows the selection committee to make the final decision.

Can I submit a PAPER in one of the following subjects: Computers, Information Technology, Electronic Health Records, Ethics, General Medical Care, Global Ophthalmology, Medical Education, Ophthalmic History, or Vision Rehabilitation?
No, abstracts submitted in those subjects will be considered as a POSTER ONLY.

I cannot find an answer to my question on this list. Who do I contact?
Contact the following Academy staff:
Julia Fennell
Program Specialist
Phone: 415.447.0343