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Frequently Asked Questions: Videos

What is the submission deadline for video abstracts?
Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

What is the submission deadline for videos? 
May 5, 2015.

Why is there a separate video submission deadline? 
The abstracts for videos are due by the April 14 deadline. The selection committee will also need to review the accompanying video.  

How do I submit my video?
After the abstract deadline, the Senior Producer will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to upload the video. Instructions on how to submit the video will only be sent to those who submitted a video abstract by the deadline.

How are the submitted videos reviewed?
The submitted videos are generally viewed on a typical computer screen.

If my video is selected for the video program, what type of screen will it be shown on?
Videos will be viewed by attendees on computer screens at the Videos On Demand area or on their personal computers and devices. Videos should not be formatted to be shown on a large screen.   

My video is longer than 10 minutes. Can I still submit my video?
No, the maximum length of video presentations is 10 minutes.  

I obtained written authorization to use copyrighted music or material. Do I need to send a copy to the Academy?
No. By submitting your video under these instructions, you represent that you have or do not need such authorization and you agree to indemnify and defend the Academy from all claims based on copyright infringement.

When will I be notified about the status of my video?
Abstract notifications will be sent by email to the Senior Producer by July 17, 2015. It is the responsibility of the producer to contact the Academy in the event that notification is not received within two weeks of the published notification dates.

If my video is accepted for presentation, do I need to attend AAO 2015?
No. Although encouraged, video producers are not required to attend the meeting.

I do not have an Academy account, how can I submit my abstract?
All submissions are accepted through the American Academy of Ophthalmology's website; you will need to use an existing account or create one. All Academy members (present and past), past program participants and those who have attended an Academy meeting already have an Academy account.

Do I need to be a member of the Academy to submit an abstract?
No, but all submissions must include at least one Academy Fellow or Member or Candidate for Membership as a producer. The Senior Producer does not need to be a member of the Academy. Obtain information regarding Academy membership or send an email to

Is there a maximum length for the abstract?
Yes, 800 characters. The character limit is set to allow an abstract submission of approximately 100 words, including spaces. The online submitter application will display a character count above the text box of the abstract.

Is there a maximum length for titles?
Yes, 120 characters.

What do I need to do regarding Financial Interest Disclosure?
Each submitter is required to complete his/her financial interest disclosure information.  The Academy will request disclosure information from all co-producers; accurate e-mail addresses are needed for all producers.

All Academy contributors are required to disclose financial relationship information annually. The Academy will apply your responses to all educational activities in which you are currently participating and any that are added within the 2015 calendar year. 

Video producers are required to announce any and all financial disclosure at the beginning of their video. Financial disclosure is required even if the producer has no financial interest.

Even though disclosure has been made, videos should not promote the use of any commercial product.

I cannot find an answer to my question on this list. Who do I contact?
Contact the following Academy staff:  
Michael Rhea
Program Specialist
Phone: 415.447.0277