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Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting
Submission Instructions: Videos

Video Submission
The Senior Producer of submitted abstracts will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to upload the video. Instructions on how to submit the video will only be sent to those who submitted a video abstract by the deadline. Learn more about submitting the video.

Submitting a Video Abstract
Failure to complete the required fields of the abstract submitter will result in the abstract not being successfully submitted.

All video abstracts and videos will be peer-reviewed by the Annual Meeting Program Committee.

The title of an abstract may not exceed 120 characters. Use title case (both upper-and lowercase letters as appropriate). No special formatting is needed.

Senior Producer /Co-Producer(s)

  • A limit of two submissions as Senior Producer and four overall is recommended per meeting.
  • The Academy reserves the right to disqualify submissions that exceed these limits.
  • Each submission must include at least one Academy Fellow or Member or Candidate for Membership as a producer. The Senior Producer does not need to be the member of the Academy.  

Submitters are required to provide contact information for all co-producers. If a producer does not exist within the Academy's database, please add the producer by providing their name along with an accurate and unique email address.  

Subject Classification
Please refer to the list of main subject classifications. More specific topics are listed under these main classifications. Be as specific as possible when making your selection; you may only select one topic.  

Abstract Body
Do not repeat the title in the abstract body. The word limit per submission is approximately 100 words (max of 800 characters for the body of the abstract, including spaces). If the abstract is too long, it will not be successfully submitted. You do not need to include headings in video abstracts.  

Background Statement
Video submissions require a Background Statement (250 characters) as part of the application. This is an opportunity to relay additional information to the selection committee and should not be an exact duplication of the abstract text. The Background Statement is a succinct statement explaining the background of why this study was undertaken or reported. This text will not be published and is for the use of the selection committee.  

Additional Questions
Producers should be prepared to enter the following information into the application:

  • Do any of the producers have financial Interest? (YES/NO)
  • Is the research approved by an IRB? (YES/NO/NO, NOT REQUIRED)
  • I verify that the final, edited version of my video will be no longer than 10 minutes: (YES/NO)
  • I verify that the final, edited version of my video will not contain use of copyrighted music or material without written authorization: (YES/NO)

Submitting a Video
Videos will be judged according to educational value, originality and expert use of medium. To help you prepare your video submission, please follow the following specifications:

  • The maximum length of video presentations is 10 minutes.
  • Videos may be formatted in MPEG, AVI, WMV, or QuickTime (MOV) with a maximum resolution of 1280x720.
  • Do not use DivX compression.
  • Videos must be in the final, edited version with sound in English.
  • Videos should include a 30-45 second introduction during which all authors are credited and any and all financial interest is acknowledged. Financial disclosure is required even if the producer has no financial interest.
  • Even though disclosure has been made, videos should not promote the use of any commercial product.
  • Please ensure that you have permission to use any image presented as part of the video. This includes a license for copyrighted material and release forms from any patient(s) recognizable in the video.
  • Use of copyrighted music or materials is forbidden without written authorization. By submitting your video under these instructions, you represent that you have or do not need such authorization and you agree to indemnify and defend the Academy from all claims based on copyright infringement.