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Goals & Participants

Goals: To have a forum for the leadership of the Academy and allied organizations

  • To identify and discuss critical issues facing ophthalmology, in order to provide input and advice to the Academy Board of Trustees;
  • To educate and update participants about Academy activities so that they may better serve as effective Academy leaders and representatives; and
  • To encourage cross-fertilization, communication, and cooperation among the leadership of ophthalmology.

Participants: All Academy members are welcome to attend Mid-Year Forum. 

In order to represent the broad spectrum of ophthalmology, the following individuals are invited to participate:

  • The Board of Trustees and Academy Secretaries
  • The Council (councilors or alternate councilors)
  • Committee chairs and representatives
  • Presidents, presidents-elect, other leaders, and executive staff of special interest groups, state societies, and subspecialty societies
  • Members of the American Academy of Ophthalmic Executive Board of Directors
  • Members of the Young Ophthalmologists Committee and Subcommittee on Advocacy
  • Other invited members, outside experts, and staff