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State Society Meetings
2015 State and Regional Ophthalmology Society Meetings


State Society Place Type of Meeting
Feb. 22-24 Montana Big Sky, MT Regional Conference
Mar. 6 New York Latham, NY Medicare Coding & Billing/ICD-10 Training
Mar. 6 Texas Lubbock, TX CodeQuest
Mar. 7 Texas San Marcos, TX CodeQuest
Mar. 12 New York New York, NY Medicare Coding & Billing/ICD-10 Training
Mar. 13 New York East Williston, NY Medicare Coding & Billing/ICD-10 Training
Mar. 14 Texas Houston, TX CodeQuest
Mar. 19 New York Liverpool, NY Medicare Coding & Billing/ICD-10 Training
Mar. 19-20 Washington Seattle, WA Annual Meeting
Mar. 20 New York Buffalo, NY Medicare Coding & Billing/ICD-10 Training
Mar. 21 Colorado Denver, CO CodeQuest
Mar. 28 Texas Dallas, TX CodeQuest
Mar. 28 Oregon Portland, OR CodeQuest
April 1 New Jersey Trenton, NJ CodeQuest
April 7 Missouri St. Louis, MO CodeQuest
April 8 Missouri Kansas City, MO CodeQuest
April 10 Nebraska Omaho, NE CodeQuest
April 11 Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OK CodeQuest
April 11 Michigan Pontiac, MI CodeQuest
April 15-18 American Academy of Ophthalmology Washington, DC Mid-Year Forum
April 24-25 Kentucky Lexington, KY Spring Meeting
April 25 Wyoming Cheyenne, WY CodeQuest
May 1 Maine Freeport, ME CodeQuest
May 1-2 Texas Austin, TX Annual Meeting
May 2 Virginia Richmond, VA CodeQuest
May 2 New Hampshire Bedford, NH CodeQuest
May 8 Louisiana New Orleans, LA CodeQuest
May 8 Maryland Baltimore, MD CodeQuest
May 11 Washington Bellvue, WA CodeQuest
May 15-17 West Virginia Roanoke, VA Annual Meeting
May 16 Georgia Atlanta, GA CodeQuest
May 19 Pennsylvania Monroeville, PA CodeQuest
May 20 Pennsylvania Harrisburg, PA CodeQuest
May 21 Pennsylvania Malvern, PA CodeQuest
May 22 Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA CodeQuest
May 29 Alabama Birmingham, AL CodeQuest
May 30 Alabama Mobile, AL CodeQuest
June 13 Vermont Burlington, VT CodeQuest
June 26-28 Arizona Flagstaff, AZ Annual Meeting
June 26-28 Florida Palm Beach, FL Annual Meeting
July 23-25 Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee Destin, FL SouthEast Eye Regional Meeting
July 25 Montana Helena, MT CodeQuest
Aug. 6-8 Michigan Mackinac Island, MI Annual Conference
Aug. 22 Mississippi Jackson, MS CodeQuest
Sept. 24-26 Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma Ridgedale, MO Table Rock Regional Roundup
Nov. 14-17 American Academy of Ophthalmology Las Vegas, NV Annual Meeting