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Member Services
Frequently Asked Questions

General Membership Questions

  1. Q: What is the difference between my Member Profile, and my Academy Online Community Persona?

    A: The new Academy Online Community includes a persona for your community use. Your persona is your “face” in the Academy Online Community. Though your persona is linked to your member account and only Academy members can access the Online Community, changing information in your persona DOES NOT affect your member profile.

      Member Profile Community Persona
    What it shows Name, subspecialty, office location (e-mail only to fellow members) Name as shown in member profile. Optional: picture, bio, location (e.g., city)
    Who can see it Colleagues, Find an Eye M.D. users Academy members
    Features Map display of your office, searchable by name, location, or subspecialty Optional blog, photo-sharing, recent activity (e.g., comments you’ve made), messages others have left for you

    Note: Other than your name, information from your Academy member profile is not included in your persona. This allows you full control of your community presence without affecting your Member Directory listing.

  2. Q: I am having problems receiving my monthly Ophthalmology Journal. How do I report this to the Academy?

    A: Submit a request for missing journals or complete and fax the form (PDF 194K) to Member Services at +1.415.561.8575. You can also submit a subscription change of address or complete and fax the form (PDF 84K) to Member Services.

  3. Q: I used to be able to log onto the Academy's Web site with my last name and Academy ID number as my password and now it's telling me that I have to change it. Why?

    A: To comply with new online security standards, the Academy is required to ask some members to change their user name and password to something unique and different from what they have used in the past. If you are asked to make a change, please remember to share the new user name or password with office staff who access the Web site on your behalf and use your login information. The Academy will not be able to provide passwords over the phone.

  4. Q: I received a cancellation letter for my Academy membership but I have decided to continue my membership. How do I do that online?

    A: Once your membership has been cancelled, you can no longer pay your dues online. Contact Member Services by phone at +1.415.561.8581 or e-mail to reinstate your membership.

  5. Q: I received an invoice to pay dues but I am starting a fellowship program. What can I do to change my member category to a Member in Training?

    A: Complete the Completion or Continuation of Training form and return to Member Services by fax or mail.

  6. Q: I let my dues lapse for more than a year. How can I become a member again?

    A: You have two options to become a member again. You may reinstate your membership by paying all outstanding dues (retaining your membership history and years accrued toward life member status) or you may reapply by submitting a new completed membership application.

  7. Q: I am more than 60 years old. Is there a reduced rate for seniors?

    A: The Academy does not have a reduced rate based on age. If you have been an active member for 35 continuous years, you are eligible for the life member category. The maintenance fee for this member category is $200/year.

  8. Q: I have cut the number of hours I see patients. Does the Academy have a semi-retired category or reduced dues rate for members who see patients only 50 percent of the time?

    A: The Academy does not have a semi-retired category. If you are fully retired and no longer seeing patients, you may qualify for the inactive member category. Inactive members do not pay dues. They continue to receive many membership benefits but do not receive our print subscriptions (Ophthalmology Journal and EyeNet Magazine) or free registration for the Annual Meeting. Inactive members can subscribe to these benefits for a low cost. To change your status, submit a written or typed request to Member Services by fax to +1.415.561.8575 or e-mail to

  9. Q: I am a first year resident and sent my application a while ago but still have not heard anything regarding my membership. Why?

    A: All first year resident applications are processed in June with the membership begin date of July 1. You will receive a confirmation e-mail the first week of July.

  10. Q: I am a practicing ophthalmologist but my member category says I am a Fellow. Why?

    A: A Fellow is a board-certified member of the Academy.

  11. Q: I need a printout of my CMEs. How do I retrieve this?

    A: After logging onto the Academy's Web site at, click on the ONE Network tab and then CME to report or view your CME transcript.