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Industry Member Application


You are eligible to apply for membership as an Industry Member if:

  • You hold a degree of Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, or Doctor of Philosophy in science; and
  • You are engaged in full-time research in a science related to ophthalmology.

To apply for membership:

  • Fill out the application online  (use the tab key to move from field to field). "Save As" on your computer desktop
  • Print the application.
  • Obtain all necessary signatures.
  • Mail or fax the completed application to Member Services.

If you are unable to use the fillable PDF version of the application, you can also download the form (PDF 1.01 MB) and fill it out by hand.

Application Fee: $1200 (USD) effective January 1, 2015.

If you are unable to access the application, you may request an application from Member Services by phone 415.561.8581 or fax 415.561.8575.