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Annual Meeting Media Registration

Media registration for the Annual Meeting will begin in September. Registration details will be posted here at that time.


A. Employees or representatives from the editorial staff of the following types of media outlets are invited to register:

Ophthalmic or other healthcare publications

General circulation newspapers, magazines, newsletters

News services and syndicates

Broadcast media

Electronic media

B. Media representatives must present a business card or some other acceptable form of identification listing their editorial title. Job titles that are considered not acceptable include, but are not limited to: Principal, Partner, Account Executive, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager and Advertising Manager.

C. Freelance reporters are required to present a letter of assignment from the editorial department of a recognized media outlet. In lieu of this, two samples of articles from a recognized publication are acceptable.

D. Please clear attendance to any of the special programs and events with Newsroom staff in advance. The media may not attend skills transfer or instruction courses.

E. An Academy Newsroom staff member must accompany all video and film crews from news organizations. Please check with the newsroom staff, scheduling is subject to the availability of the Newsroom staff.

F. Any recorded or photographed material is for editorial use only in conjunction with a news story.

G. Registered media are allowed regular access to the Newsroom during regular exhibit hall hours.

H. The Academy reserves the right to refuse or ask for the return of media credentials for any reason.