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Diabetes and Eyes: What People Don’t Know Could Leave Them Blind 11/05/2014
Iris Implant Surgery to Change Eye Color Can Be Dangerous, American Academy of Ophthalmology Warns 10/31/2014
Academy Launches New Patient Education Materials to Meet Health Literacy Standards 10/20/2014
3-D Printed Facial Prosthesis Offers New Hope for Eye Cancer Patients Following Surgery 10/20/2014
iPad Screenings Effective for Detecting Early Signs of Glaucoma in Underserved, High-Risk Populations 10/20/2014
Research Reveals Likelihood and Onset of Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Among Patients with Inflammatory Eye Disease 10/19/2014
Academy Announces Key Milestones for Ocular Disease Database, a National Quality of Care Initiative 10/19/2014
Tear Duct Implant Effective at Reducing Pain and Inflammation in Cataract Surgery Patients 10/19/2014
Smartphone Approach for Examining Progression of Diabetic Eye Disease Offers Comparable Results to Traditional Method 10/18/2014
Could Reading Glasses Soon Be a Thing of the Past? 10/18/2014
iPhones for Eye Health: Capturing Ocular Images in Difficult-to-Photograph Patients 10/18/2014
Heroes of Vision: Ophthalmologists Honored for Fighting Blindness in Low-Resource Communities Around the Globe 10/02/2014
Global Blindness Infographic 10/02/2014
Four Frightening Ways Costume Contact Lenses Can Ruin Your Vision 10/01/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Annual Meeting To Showcase Latest in Eye Care Research, Technology, Clinical Education and Legislation 09/17/2014
Are My Eyes Changing Because I’m Just Getting Older? When Should I See an Eye Doctor? 09/09/2014
Genetic Test for Congenital Cataracts Effective for Diagnosis of Rare Diseases Linked to Childhood Blindness 08/21/2014
Contact Lens Infection FDA Workshop September 12 08/18/2014
Six Smart Things College Students Should Do for Their Eyes 07/28/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology to Develop Knights Templar Eye Foundation Pediatric Ophthalmology Education Center 07/17/2014
Depression in Age-Related Macular Degeneration Patients with Low Vision Can be Halved by Integrated Therapies 07/09/2014
Technology and Tools Can Help Seniors with Low Vision Maintain Their Independence 07/07/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology Reiterates Position that Marijuana is Not Proven Treatment for Glaucoma 06/27/2014
Increased nearsightedness linked to years in school, education level 06/26/2014
The American Academy of Ophthalmology Issues Tips to Ensure Safe Celebrations on the Fourth of July 06/12/2014
Fireworks Injuries Infographic 06/12/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology’s IRIS Registry Recognized by CMS as an Approved Vehicle for Enhanced Federal Quality Reporting 06/09/2014
The American Academy of Ophthalmology Offers Guidance to Help Improve Public Understanding of Cataracts 06/03/2014
Some High Blood Pressure Drugs May be Associated with Increased Risk of Vision-Threatening Disease 05/28/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology Urges Sight-Saving Habits for Older Adults to Help Maintain Independence 05/22/2014
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