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2011 News Releases
American Academy of Ophthalmology Partners with FDA to Track Rare Eye Condition Linked to Cataract Surgery  12/20/2011
Ophthalmologists Offer Toy-buying Tips to Keep Children’s Eyes Safe this Holiday Season 11/29/2011
Long-term Space Flight Impacts Astronauts' Eyes and Vision 11/03/2011
Ophthalmology Seeks Revised Government Assessment of Glaucoma Screenings and Treatment 11/03/2011
“Eyes of War” Exhibit Highlights Ophthalmology’s Contributions during World War II 11/02/2011
Ophthalmologists Provide Free Eye Exams in the U.S. and Puerto Rico to Help Prevent Blindness Caused by Diabetes 11/02/2011
Mood, Cognitive Ability and Sleep Patterns Improve in Alzheimer’s Patients After Cataract Surgery 10/25/2011
More Time Outdoors May Reduce Kids’ Risk for Nearsightedness 10/24/2011
Vitamin B-Based Treatment for Vision-Threatening Corneal Disease May Offer Some Patients a Permanent Solution 10/24/2011
Laser’s Precision and Simplicity Could Revolutionize Cataract Surgery 10/23/2011
Video Games Used in New Treatment that May Fix “Lazy Eye” in Older Children 10/23/2011
New Drug is Effective against Potentially Blinding Retinal Diseases 10/22/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology Recognizes Alfred Sommer, MD with 2011 Laureate Award for his Worldwide Contributions toward Saving Sight 10/22/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology and Medflow Electronic Health Records Partnership Helps Ophthalmologists Provide Better Patient Care 10/19/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology and Sophrona Solutions Announce Partnership to Help Eye Care Providers Meet “Meaningful Use” Requirements and Improve Patient Education 10/17/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Basic and Clinical Science Course Goes Mobile to Advance Training and Patient Care 10/06/2011
Medical Doctors Recommend Regular Vision Screenings to Identify Eye Issues in Children and Young Adults 10/05/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology Warns About the Risks Associated with Transforming Your Eyes This Halloween 10/03/2011
AAO Free Pocket Guide to Clinical Care Now Available in Spanish 09/30/2011
AAO Calls for Medicare Physician Pay Fix that Assures Patient Access to Quality Specialized Medical Care 09/21/2011
Museum of Vision Offers Free Admission on Smithsonian Magazine’s Seventh Annual Museum Day 09/15/2011
Ophthalmic Heritage to be Highlighted at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting in Orlando 09/13/2011
Prevent the Spread of Pink Eye As Children Head Back to School 09/13/2011
Implantable Miniature Telescope Offers Some Age-Related Macular Degeneration Patients a New Lease on Life 08/25/2011
Museum of Vision Provides Free Curriculum Guides in Honor of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign 08/22/2011
Statement by AAO President Richard Abbott, MD, re WSJ Op-Ed, Medicare Cost Savings 08/19/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology Takes the Lead in Establishing Standards for Electronic Health Records 07/18/2011
Leave Fireworks to the Professionals this Fourth of July: American Academy of Ophthalmology Offers Tips for Fireworks Safety 06/28/2011
Free Vision Screening Program Comes to Chicago on June 11 06/11/2011
Half of Chicago Residents will Develop an Eye Disease in Their Lifetime 06/02/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology Appoints Renaldo Juanso as Vice President of Communications and Marketing 05/25/2011
Michael R. Redmond, MD, Receives Outstanding Advocate Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology 05/19/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology Statement on CATT Results 04/05/2011
Eye M.D. Association Announces New Director of Congressional Affairs 04/05/2011
New Study: Asian Americans' Glaucoma Risk 04/04/2011
Rare, but Effective: Corneal Transplant Improves Vision, Life for Some Children 03/01/2011
Why “Honest Abe” Couldn’t Look You Straight in the Eye 02/16/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology Launches Expanded, a Trusted Source for Eye Health Information 02/10/2011
AAO-ASCRS Stmt, FDA's LASIK Q-of-Life Study 02/03/2011
One Donor Cornea, Two Patients Helped 02/01/2011
Threats in Health Care Reform Law Drive Agenda for New “Change” 01/27/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology Provides 360 Basic and Clinical Science Course sets to 67 developing nations 01/24/2011
American Academy of Ophthalmology Honors 18 Ophthalmologists with International Scholar Award 01/24/2011
A Better Genetic Screen for Retinal Diseases; A Scorecard for Cataract Surgery Success 01/18/2011
AAO Statement, 3-D Digital & Kids' Vision 01/18/2011
Richard L. Abbott, MD Begins Term as President of American Academy of Ophthalmology 01/10/2011
Knowing Your Risks Can Stop the Sneak Thief of Sight-African and Hispanic ethnic groups and others with a family history of glaucoma are particularly vulnerable 01/05/2011
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