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Academy News Releases
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2014 News Releases
American Academy of Ophthalmology Issues Statement on Release of Medicare Physician Pay Data 04/09/2014
American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the American Academy of Ophthalmology Advise That Alpha-blockers Can Complicate Cataract Surgery 04/07/2014
Caucasian Boys Show Highest Prevalence of Color Blindness Among Preschoolers 04/03/2014
Richard L. Abbott, M.D., Honored at World Ophthalmology Conference 04/02/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology Issues Statement of Opposition to Congress' Short-Term Reprieve from Medicare Pay Cut 03/31/2014
Sports-Related Eye Injuries Blind Thousands of People Each Year 03/31/2014
Sports eye injuries infographic 03/31/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology Announces Official Launch of IRIS Registry 03/25/2014
Physical Activity and Occasional Drinking Found to be Associated with Decrease in Vision Impairment Risk 03/19/2014
Forty Percent of Job-Related Eye Injuries Occur in Growing Fields of Manufacturing, Construction and Mining 02/27/2014
Workplace Eye Injuries 2014 Infographic 02/27/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology Urges Practices to Prepare for ICD-10 Implementation as Testing Week Approaches 02/27/2014
Long-term Daily Multivitamin Supplement Use Decreases Cataract Risk in Men 02/20/2014
Ophthalmologists Advise that Quick Medical Help, Hygiene Essential to Treating, Preventing the Spread of Contagious Pink Eye 02/13/2014
American Academy of Ophthalmology Issues Statement of Support for SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Modernization Act of 2014 02/13/2014
Blindness Due to Age-Related Macular Degeneration Should Not be Considered an Inevitability 02/06/2014
Nationally-Recognized Glaucoma Specialist, Gregory L. Skuta, M.D., Begins Term as President of the American Academy of Ophthalmology 01/30/2014
Probability of Blindness From Glaucoma Has Nearly Halved 01/21/2014
Early Detection Key to Slowing Progression of Glaucoma 01/09/2014
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