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    Sue Vicchrilli, COT, OCS, Director, Coding and Reimbursement
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  • APR 06, 2015
    Question: I need some assistance on the billing Category III code 0191T iStent. Our physician inserted two in the same session along with cataract surgery. Can I bill for more than one iStent? Answer: Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, Category III add-on code +0376T Insertion of a…
    APR 06, 2015
    Question: Is it still appropriate to bill CPT code 67255 Scleral reinforcement; with graft along with CPT code 66180 Aqueous shunt to extraocular equatorial plate reservoir; external approach, with graft? Answer: No. CPT 66180 now includes the graft.
    APR 06, 2015
    Question: Is there a limit to how many diagnostic tests can be performed on a patient? Answer: There is no limit as to how many tests can be performed for medical necessity. In order to be reimbursed for the tests, it is best to check any NCCI or commercial payer edits, and…
    APR 06, 2015
    Question: Our physician performed CPT code 67145 on a patient for a retinal tear. During the postoperative period, a new tear was found in a different area, but in the same eye. Is it appropriate to bill CPT code 67145 for the new tear? Answer: While CPT code 67145 Proph…
    APR 06, 2015
    Question: If our practice did not qualify for PQRS, will the penalty impact our drug reimbursement? Answer: No penalty is appended to drugs—only exams, tests and surgical codes. The payment adjustments for PQRS, EHR and the Value-based Modifier only affect the Medicare P…
    APR 06, 2015
    Question: When billing multiple procedures, do I append modifier -51 to each additional procedure? Answer: Modifier -51 Multiple procedures, should no longer be appended. Most payers have edits in their system to automatically reduce each additional procedure.