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Add EyeSmart to Your Website

Download any of the following English or Spanish buttons to add to your website.

To save any image:

  1. Right mouse-click (for PC users) or click and hold (for Mac users) and choose "save picture as."
  2. Save the file to your computer and use it on your own website.

Once the image is added to your website, be sure to link it to (English buttons) or (Spanish buttons). Procedure may vary depending on how you host and manage your site's content, but the general process is as follows.

How to add an EyeSmart button to your website

  1. Log into your content management system (the software or website used to update your site).
  2. Navigate to the page where you want to add the button.
  3. Upload the image you want to use as the button (you will probably need to click in the part of the page where you want the button to appear; otherwise it may appear in a random location). If it gives you the option to link the image file to a page as part of the upload process, paste the link to EyeSmart in. Otherwise:
  4. Once the image is uploaded, select the image and click on the infinity symbol that should appear in your text-edit toolbar. This should open a window with a box where you can paste in the page to which you want to link the image. Paste in the EyeSmart ( or OjosSanos ( link.

English Buttons
Additional materials are available on the practice resources page.

EyeSmart Web Button Round   EyeSmart Web Button Square

Get EyeSmart   Get EyeSmart   Get EyeSmart

Spanish Buttons
Additional materials are available on the Spanish practice resources page.

OjosSanos small round   OjosSanos small square

OjosSanos small green square   OjosSanos small white square   OjosSanos small blue square