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Educating Your Patients
Academy Patient Education Products


Patient Education Brochures

Cataract Brochure Cover

Academy patient education brochures pair full-color images with an attractive, easy-to-read design that appeals to patients. The text is comprehensive but nonclinical and is geared toward building your patients' understanding of their condition and treatment while alleviating their anxiety. Selected titles of the Academy's most popular patient education brochure topics are now available in Spanish.

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Cataract Surgery Booklet CoverBooklets

Provide patients with in-depth information about their surgery or long-term treatment of their eye condition. Academy patient education booklets include comprehensive explanations supported by many full-color images.

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PowerPoint Presentations

Ophthalmic patient education materials.

Communicating effectively with your patients can be as important as diagnosing and treating them. Academy patient education PowerPoint collections help those in your care understand their ocular conditions, prepare for treatment, and follow your instructions. Perfect for presentations to groups of patients, colleagues, students and even your staff.

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Patient Education Downloadable Videos and DVDs

Retina Informed Consent Video Collection CoverAcademy patient education videos and DVDs give patients a preview of the surgical experience and emphasize compliance with your treatment plan. Surgical titles feature an OMIC-approved aid to informed consent. Nine titles available. All include a Spanish-language translation.

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Patient Education Downloadable Subscriptions

Floaters and Flashes Cover

The Academy has two downloadable subscriptions: Digital-Eyes™ Ophthalmic Animations for Patients, 2nd Edition and Patient Education Handouts. With your annual subscription, you have access to new titles or updated versions as they become available.

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Eyedrop Information Pad

Make prescribing and using eyedrops quick and easy. Just fill in the blanks and your patient knows when to take the medication. On the other side is a simple diagram showing how to use the drops correctly. Package of 50

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Eye Sketch Pad

Communicate with your patients more effectively and efficiently by sketching their eye conditions on the illustrated frontal, lateral, or fundus view of the eye. Package of 50.

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