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Products & Services

Retinal Imager

Plano Lenses

Retinal Imager
The 3D Anatomy Imager is the newest module available for Talia Technology’s RTA ophthalmic imaging and diagnostic system. Using sequential scan images of the retina and disc, the module reconstructs a 3-D volume visualization of the acquired 3-by-3-millimeter area. The volume is automatically transposed on the fundus image and can be displayed as either black-and-white or a color-coded image that highlights the structure of the retinal layers.

The tool includes zooming, rotating and slicing capabilities in all three axes and enables measurements of distances and angles.

Talia Technology
800-214-2030 or

Plano Lenses
Ciba Vision’s Night & Day contact lenses are now available in plano in the United States and Canada to be used as bandages to protect the cornea and relieve corneal pain in the treatment of ocular pathologies and following eye surgery. The lenses have a high oxygen transmission, reportedly supplying up to six times more oxygen than ordinary contact lenses. The lenses can be worn for up to 30 continuous nights and days. The plano lenses are available in packages of six, with base curves of 8.4 and 8.6. Night & Day contact lenses are also available with full lens power, ranging from +6 D to –10 D.

Ciba Vision
800-241-5999 or

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