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May 2004

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Anti-Infective Medication

Subjective Refractive System

Autoclavable Lenses

Low Vision Distance Reading Chart

Anti-Infective Medication
Santen’s ocular anti-infective medication Iquix (levofloxacin ophthalmic solution, 1.5 percent) received FDA approval. It is indicated for the treatment of bacterial corneal ulcers.

According to Santen, Iquix has an active drug concentration three times that of other ophthalmic fluoroquinolones.

Vistakon is the exclusive distributor for Iquix in the United States.

800-611-2011 or 707-254-1750

Subjective Refractive System
The FDA has approved Topcon’s BV-1000, a patient-driven, automated refraction system.

With its practitioner-selected voice prompts and joystick, the BV-1000 takes patients through the refraction process. The BV-1000 combines an objective, simultaneous binocular autorefractor, autokeratometer, automatic chart projector and patient-driven vision tester.

The system also provides a display of all refraction data with electronic documentation.

Topcon Medical Systems
800-223-1130 or 201-261-9450

Autoclavable Lenses
Volk has developed AutoClaveSterilizable (ACS) Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO) lenses, which can be sterilized with an autoclave in the office. They are available in 20-D and 28-D power, providing high magnification for fundus exams and preoperative procedures.

The glass ACS BIO lenses are created with double-aspheric technology to eliminate blurring at the edges.

800-345-2655 or 440-942-6161

Low Vision Distance Reading Chart
Eschenbach now carries the Feinbloom Number Chart, a distance acuity testing tool for low vision patients. This chart is for use at 10 feet and allows quick optotype changes from 10/10 to 10/700.

800-487-5389 or 203-438-7471


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