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September 2004

Products & Services

CustomCornea’s Expanded Treatment Range

Orthokeratology Lens

Z-View Aberrometer

Manual Lensometer

Surgical Lenses

Infant Cataract Assistance

Rewetting Drops

CustomCornea’s Expanded Treatment Range
CustomCornea, Alcon’s customized wavefront-guided LASIK procedure, has received FDA approval for an expansion of its treatment range. It is now approved for treatment of myopia up to –8 D (up from –7 D) and astigmatism up to –4 D (up from –0.5 D).

According to Alcon, CustomCornea with LadarVision can now treat more than 90 percent of all myopic LASIK patients.

877-523-2784 or 817-293-0450
Booth #2911

Orthokeratology Lens
The FDA has approved Euclid Systems’ Emerald Orthokeratology lens for overnight wear. The rigid gas-permeable lenses are custom designed to reshape the patient’s cornea for temporary refractive correction. The company says that the best candidates for their lenses are those patients with myopia of 5 D or less.

Euclid Systems
888-477-9396 or 703-471-7145
Booth N/A

Z-View Aberrometer
Ophthonix introduces its Z-View Aberrometer. The Z-View utilizes wavefront technology to measure high-order (third to sixth) and low-order optical aberrations, as well as sphere, cylinder and axis to create a prescription.

The portable instrument is 12 x 24 inches. Its specifications include more than 11,300 data points over a 6-millimeter pupil.

According to Ophthonix, the Z-View almost eliminates instrument myopia because it provides objective wavefront measurements via a binocular through-the-lens optics with no patient input, which the company expects will assist in addressing the pediatric market.

Booth #853

Manual Lensometer
Reichert’s ML1 Manual Lens-ometer allows measurement-taking from a variety of lenses, including single-vision, multifocal and contact lenses. The lensometer features an LED light source, green illumination and sharp mires intended to facilitate measurement. Featuring battery operation for mobility, the device is designed for low power consumption and includes an auto sleep feature to extend battery life. The ML1 adjusts from 30 to 90 degrees and measures lenses from 24 to 90 mm in diameter. Its prism compensator extends the range to 15 D.

888-849-8955 or 716-686-4500
Booth #3527

Surgical Lenses
Volk Optical offers three new lenses for surgical use: the Midfield SSV, 30-degree Prism SSV ACS and 45-degree Prism SSV ACS. All three feature Volk’s Self-Stabilizing Vitrectomy (SSV) design, which holds the lens on the cornea without a suture ring. Two of the lenses can be sterilized in an autoclave.

These lenses feature direct imaging. The Midfield SSV is for viewing air-gas exchange, while the 30- and 45-degree Prism SSV ACS are for viewing the peripheral retina.

Volk Optical
800-523-5977 or 626-449-1705
Booth #1443

Infant Cataract Assistance
The SilSoft Pediatric Patient Assistance Program aids low-income families with the costs associated with caring for an infant born with cataracts. The Bausch & Lomb program provides free SilSoft lenses to families at or below the federal poverty level.

The medical and financial needs of the infant and family will be confirmed by the physician.

Bausch & Lomb
800-828-9030 or 585-338-6000
Booth #1917

Rewetting Drops
Advanced Medical Optics introduces Blink Contacts, a rewetting eye drop.

The drops contain hyaluronate, a lubricant naturally found in the eye, five electrolytes normally found in tears and a preservative that changes to water and salt when exposed to light.

Blink can be used with soft and gas permeable contact lenses and is available throughout  the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, as well as in Canada under Blink CL.

Advanced Medical Optics

866-427-8477 or 714-247-8200
Booth #3839


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