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X-Small Parasol
Odyssey Medical has expanded its Parasol Punctal Occluder line to include the X-Small Parasol for use in patients with very small puncta.

Each X-Small Parasol Punctal Occluder package includes two sterile occluders preloaded onto disposable insertion instruments.

Odyssey Medical
888-905-7770 or 901-383-7777

Instant Fundus Imaging
Ophthalmic Imaging Systems has introduced the OIS WinStation 3200, a compact digital camera that connects directly to most fundus cameras. It provides instant fluorescein angiography and color fundus imaging at a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Images are captured directly to the hard drive of the accompanying computer system, which is equipped with a Pentium processor, the Windows XP Professional operating system and a 19-inch flat panel monitor. The package is available with software for photodynamic therapy planning, software that allows you to overlay pre- and post-treatment images and AutoMontage software, which stitches retinal images together in one panoramic view. The OIS WinStation 3200 is scalable for local-area and wide-area networks and is Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) compliant.

Ophthalmic Imaging Systems
800-338-8436 or 916-646-2020

Electronic Signature
ZyDoc has expanded its ZyDoc e-Transcription Service to include electronic signature capabilities.

According to ZyDoc, the e-Transcription service allows documents to be accessed, approved and signed anywhere and at any time through a secure HIPAA-compliant Internet browser.


Capsule Retention Hooks
The Mackool Cataract Support System (CSS) is now available from FCI Ophthalmics. In patients with weak zonules, the CSS hooks help hold the capsular bag in place.

The hooks can be used with capsular tension rings to help stabilize the bag for surgery and delay CTR insertion until after the cortex has been removed. The disposable and sterile CSS hooks feature a retainer tab to hold them in place during surgery. They come five to a box.

FCI Ophthalmics
800-932-4202 or 781-826-9060

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