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James P. Gilman, CRA
University of Utah
Salt Lake City



The answer to this month’s mystery image:
Silicone Oil Bubbles

A 58-year-old woman had phacoemulsification and IOL implantation in her right eye. A
capsular tear without vitreous loss complicated the surgery. The IOL was placed in the
sulcus. Two months later, the patient complained of a film over her vision in the right
eye. Posterior capsule opacification was observed and treated with YAG capsulotomy.
Several years later, she developed a complicated retinal detachment receiving pars
plana vitrectomy and placement of silicone oil. Six weeks after this surgery, she had a
sudden worsening of her vision and was found to have multiple oil droplets in the
anterior chamber. She subsequently had an oil exchange and IOL removal.



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