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April 2005

Products & Services

Pediatric Vision Testing

Flexible Iris Retractors

Advanced Test Cards

Two Sizes of Vitrase

Digital Acuity System

A Telescopic System for the Visually Impaired

Pediatric Vision Testing

Diopsys has developed the Enfant Pediatric Vision Testing System, a noninvasive device that tests for visual deficits in preverbal children.

The Enfant records the brain’s response to light and measures the health of the circuitry of the nerves that send signals to the brain. According to Diopsys, the system uses synchronized data collection to provide quick, objective statistical analyses of the child’s eyes—compared with one another and individually—to determine if there are irregularities.

The Enfant Pediatric Vision Testing System can test for vision problems in children as young as 6 months of age.

Diopsys Inc.

Flexible Iris Retractors

Katena offers flexible iris retractors to stretch and retain the iris for maximum visibility during cataract surgery.

The microretractors are 10-millimeters long and can be inserted through four evenly spaced limbal paracenteses. Once the iris is hooked and retracted, the surgeon slides the tiny adjustable silicone donut up to the limbus to secure the hook in place.

The retractors are available in sterile, disposable packages of five retractors and in a reusable version with six retractors in an autoclavable Teflon sterilizing case.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or 973-989-1600

Advanced Test Cards

Ixmus has introduced new test cards for macular and neuro-ophthalmic disease detection, which include blue-on-yellow, blue-on-red and white-on-red background Amsler grids and combination Red Dots field test cards.

The foldable pocket cards are designed for office eye exams, as well as for self-monitoring at home.

According to Ixmus, these cards feature advanced patterns that use low-, intermediate- and high-contrast, high-resolution color grids to overcome the poor disease-detection sensitivity of the conventional black-and-white Amsler test cards.

Ixmus LLC

Two Sizes of Vitrase

Ista Pharmaceuticals offers Vitrase, a preservative-free ovine hyaluronidase, in two vial sizes. Vitrase is a spreading agent to facilitate the absorption and dispersion of other injected drugs.

Vitrase (hyaluronidase injection) ovine is available in a 200 USP units per milliliter vial in sterile solution. And Vitrase (hyaluronidase for injection) lyophilized, ovine is available in a 6,200 USP units multipurpose vial.

ISTA Pharmaceuticals
877-788-2020 or 949-788-6000

Digital Acuity System

Reichert has introduced the ClearChart Digital Acuity System, a remote-controlled acuity chart system featuring an all-in-one design.

The ClearChart features a high-contrast, 15-inch LCD flat-panel display screen and provides a wide range of optoypes—including ETDRS, Tumbling E, HOTV letters, crowding bars, Snellen characters and Landolt rings—as well as random sequencing and contrast sensitivity testing. The bright display allows for testing with the lights on.

The system includes functionality that enables easier communication with hearing impaired patients.

Reichert Inc.
888-849-8955 or 716-686-4500

A Telescopic System for the Visually Impaired

The AutoView, an autofocus Keplerian telescopic system, was developed to allow those suffering from central vision loss to see near, intermediate and distant objects.

The AutoView provides users with continuous autofocus magnification from 12 inches to infinity and a wide field of view (16.4 degrees). The unit provides 4.7-times magnification for objects viewed at near distances and 3.5-times magnification for objects viewed at intermediate or far distances.

According to Optelec, the unit provides clarity and brightness, regardless of the image viewed or environmental lighting conditions. It is mounted onto eyeglass frames and adjusted to correct for the patient’s refractive error. Standard units feature an adjustment range of –10 D to +7 D and eight hours of continuous use per charge.

Optelec USA
800-828-1056 or 978-250-1360


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