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May 2005

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Iris Registration Technology

Disposable Stromal Hydration Cannula

Vitrectomy Lens

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Contact Lens for Astigmatic Patients

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Iris Registration Technology

Visx has received approval from the FDA to market and sell its Iris Registration technology, an automated method of aligning and registering wavefront corrections for CustomVue treatment. According to Visx, Iris Registration was designed to replace the current means of registration—manually marking the eye to assess rotational movement.

It is a hardware and software product enhancement that is a field-installed upgrade to the Visx WaveScan and Visx Star laser systems.

800-246-8479 or 408-773-7321

Disposable Stromal Hydration Cannula

Oasis Medical has added the Stromal Hydration cannula to its line of disposable instruments. The cannula was designed to irrigate the external portion of the stroma for improved sealing of clear corneal cataract incisions.

The 27-gauge cannula has a closed, flattened tip and an anterior 0.2-millimeter port. The closed tip ensures that tissue will not clog the port upon entry into the incision, while the anterior port location forces hydration to move to the external segment of the stroma providing improved sealing of the incision.

Oasis Medical

800-528-9786 or 909-305-5400

Vitrectomy Lens

Volk Optical has expanded its Chalam line to include the AFX lens. Designed in conjunction with Saad Shaikh, MD, the lens provides visualization of the retina in an air-filled eye after air/fluid exchange during vitrectomy surgery.

The AFX lens features a self-stabilizing vitrectomy design to hold the lens on the cornea without the need for a suture ring. According to Volk, this reduces patient trauma and surgical prep time. The low-profile, sutureless design of the lens is suited for use with noncontact viewing systems and provide visualization in 25-gauge vitrectomy procedures. As part of Volk’s AutoClaveSterilizable collection, the lens can be safely steam sterilized.

Volk Optical

800-345-8655 or 440-942-6161

Color Portable Magnifier

Eschenbach has introduced its Color PocketViewer, a 6.5-by-3.6-by-1.4-inch color portable video magnifier.

The device provides seven times magnification on a 4-by-3-inch screen. It features three viewing modes (color, black/white and white/black) that allow the user to select the option they prefer.

The device also features a built-in rechargeable battery, which provides two hours of continuous use (an automatic sleep mode conserves battery life) and a writing stand for the signing of checks or the writing of brief notes.

800-487-5389 or 203-438-7471

Contact Lens for Astigmatic Patients

Vistakon, a division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., introduced the Acuvue Advance Brand Contact Lenses for Astigmatism.

Vistakon states the lens was designed to use the eyelid to stabilize the lens, allowing the lens to settle into place within one minute. The stabilization design also prevents the lens from rotating, keeping it in its proper position.

The lens features Hydraclear, a combination of oxygen-rich material and moisture-rich wetting agent, for comfort.

800-843-2020 or 904-443-1000

Free Services to Evaluate EMR Software has introduced a free online service to help doctors better evaluate the choices they have when seeking electronic medical records (EMR) systems. evaluates the core functional capabilities with respect to patient health information and data; test and lab results management; order entry; decision support; electronic communication and connectivity; compatibility with speech recognition; patient support; security standards; HIPAA compliance; and administrative processes. The service takes into account the number of physicians in the practice, their medical specialty and the software they’re already using.
888-519-3100 or 561-624-1000


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