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Tame Inflammation: 10 Immunosuppressive Drugs to Consider

Tame Inflammation: 10 Immunosuppressive Drugs to Consider
Ocular inflammation typically has been treated with corticosteroids. But more clinicians are now considering steroid-sparing immunosuppressive drugs—sooner, more frequently and sometimes in combination with steroid treatment. (cont.)

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AMD Reseach: An Update pdf (586 K)

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Ocular Trauma
Arguments for Salvaging the Globe
Open globe trauma often presents a dilemma: enucleate an eye that has lost light perception, or risk losing the other eye to sympathetic ophthalmia. The possibility of losing the “good” eye was enough to dissuade surgeons from attempting to repair it. But times have changed.  (cont.)


AMD and the Statin Promise: The Research
A growing body of literature suggests that the cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins, long prescribed to prevent heart disease, may also hold benefits for the eyes. But despite encouraging results from recent studies on statins and AMD, it’s too soon to say that ophthalmologists should be prescribing them. (cont.)



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