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Externalized Scleral Buckle

Gregory G. Hoffmeyer, BFA, CPT, Duke University, Durham, N.C.

A female in her late 40s presented with a history of bilateral panuveitis, macular edema and retinal detachment in the left eye. Three years earlier, the patient underwent an encircling scleral buckle procedure.

Her symptoms included an increase in morning discharge and an exposed scleral buckle in the left eye. Visual acuity in the left eye was 1/200, improving to 3/200 with pinhole, and IOP was 10 mmHg. The eye had a clear cornea, aphakia and a deep and clear anterior chamber. The anterior vitreous had a rare cell, and the scleral buckle was clearly exposed with minimal surrounding inflammation. The macula had a cystic appearance, and there were chorioretinal scars superior, inferonasal and temporal to the fovea that had been seen on previous exams. The retina was attached, but the buckling effect was not quite as prominent inferiorly where the implant was exposed. The exposed buckle was removed, and the retina did not redetach.

Gregory C. Hoffmeyer, BFA, CPT, Duke University, Durham, N.C.

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