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September 2005

Torn Posterior Capsule

Torn Posterior Capsule
Spot it. Stop. Stabilize it. Every surgeon can expect one, but anticipation and preparation can make a posterior capsular rupture manageable. (more)

Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?

Opacification of IOLs: A Problem Often Misdiagnosed?
If the posterior capsule looks clear, but the fundus looks shadowy or hazy, suspect an opaque IOL. Don’t jump to conclusions. Avoid misdiagnosis. What you need to know about IOL opacification. (more)


Compliance, Adherence, Persistence
Patients sometimes have trouble admitting the truth. They want to please their doctor, but studies report nonadherence rates of more than 25%. How to help patients with their treatment regimens. (more)




Refractive Surgery

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