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October 2005

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Lamella Inserter and Endothelial Scissors
Medical Spell Checker
Punctal Plugs
Video Magnifier


Tomey has introduced the SP-100, a portable pachymeter that measures central corneal thickness. Its tone-assisted system allows the operator to complete measurements without looking at the display. At 19-ounces, the pachymeter is equipped with a 2.7-inch dot matrix LCD and a built-in rechargeable battery that enables wireless operation. A thermal built-in printer and RS-232C communication port are included to make quick recording and easy data output possible. Printouts include the patient ID, name and the date that the measurement was made.  

Tomey Corp.
888-449-4045 or 602-508-4736
AAO Booth #2311

Lamella Inserter and Endothelial Scissors

Katena Products has made available two Rosenwasser DLEK Scissors for excision of the endothelial layer during deep lamellar endothelial keratoplasty as well as the Rosenwasser DLEK Shovel for insertion of donor lamella. Both were developed by George O. Rosenwasser, MD, of Hershey, Pa.

Scissors. Both scissors feature long, thin blades with blunted tips to ensure a clean cut. The medium curved scissors are used for the primary excision of the dissected lamella, while the strongly curved scissors are used to complete the excision along the inferior rim.  

Inserter. The 4-by-8-millimeter shovel has a retaining rim on two sides to prevent the folded lamella from sliding off during insertion. Katena states that the shovel facilitates an easy insertion process that avoids the crushing of tissue that can occur when forceps are used.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or 973-989-1600
AAO Booth #1945

Medical Spell Checker

The Spellex Corp. has released the 2005 version of its medical and pharmaceutical spelling software for Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and other programs.

The pharmaceutical software checks thousands of OTC and prescription drugs, from anesthetics and anti-infective agents to serums and vitamins. It's equipped to check generic and brand names as well as manufacturers and drug distributors.

Spellex Medical contains more than 300,000 medical words from over 70 medical specialties. It checks for accurate spelling of medical and surgical terms, procedures, diseases, acronyms, eponyms, medical devices, abbreviations, Greek terms and diacritical markings.

Spellex Corp.
800-442-9673 or 813-792-7000
AAO Booth N/A

Punctal Plugs

Oasis Medical now offers Form Fit plugs by the pair. The punctal plugs are made of a hydrogel material that conforms to fit all patients. Upon contacting tear film, the plugs expand and become soft and pliant. It takes approximately 10 minutes for the plugs to become completely hydrated and to fill the vertical canalicular cavity. The company reports that the plugs can easily be removed by flushing a saline solution through the punctal opening. 

They come in a preloaded inserter and measure 3-millimeters in length and 0.3-mm in diameter and expand to 20 times the volume of their original size.

Oasis Medical
800-528-9786 or 909-305-5400
AAO Booth #2762

Video Magnifier

For individuals with low vision, Eschenbach introduces the Color ELG video magnifier with three-button operation.

The device connects to a television using the video input jack and provides between 5-times and 70-times magnification. The ELG has three viewing options: color, black and white, and reverse polarity (white on black). The ELG is designed so users may view materials such as magazines and prescription bottles.   

800-487-5389 or 203-438-7471
AAO Booth #426

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