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October 2005

EyeNet Selections

The Best of RefractiveImprove Vision After Prior Surgery pdf[1] 84 KB
Previous eye surgery is no longer a contraindicant for some
additional refractive procedures.

Treating LASIK-Induced Aberrations pdf[1] 84 KB
Problems caused by LASIK can possibly be treated or, better yet, prevented.

Phakic IOLs for High Myopes? pdf[1] 97 KB
People who would benefit from LASIK the most may also be the poorest candidates. Enter the Verisyse IOL.

The Debate Over Refractive Lens Exchange pdf[1] 260 KB
Patient demand for presbyopia-correcting IOLs may be
rising, but so are physician concerns about the benefit-risk

Five Surgeons Address Five Hot Topics pdf[1] 234 KB
Lens replacement surgery experts talk round-robin about
their current practice.

Complete EyeNet Selections: Refractive pdf[1]  1.40 MB