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November/December 2005

OCT in Practice: Dos and Don'ts

OCT in Practice: Dos and Don'ts
Optical coherence tomography appears to be leading the pack of new imaging technologies. But there are certain constraints to know about. (more)

Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?

EyeNet Extra
Editors’ Choices: AJO, Archives and Ophthalmology

Abstracts and expert commentary on the studies presented at the Editors’ Choices Symposium, Chicago, 2005. Download Editors’ Choices. pdf (340K)

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Morning Rounds
Black Spots and Night Sweats: A Puzzling Case of Panuveitis
A 37-year-old was referred for a second opinion regarding possible cataracts. He had a "fog" over both eyes and a terrible headache. What's your diagnosis?


Ophthalmic Pearls
How to Assess and Treat Infantile Nystagmus
Infantile nystagmus is likely to be seen in most comprehensive and pediatric practices. How to understand the signs, make the differential diagnosis and treat this condition. (more)

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