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January 2006

Get Drugs Straight to the Eye With New Wave of Implants

Get Drugs Straight to the Eye With New Wave of Implants
Would you like to treat eye disease with a steady drug dose without systemic toxicities? This may be possible with a new wave of intraocular implants. (more)

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Mystery Image
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Ophthalmic Pearls
Selecting Intraocular Lens Power in Children
Determining the IOL power for an eye that is still growing is one of the major challenges for long-term care of children undergoing cataract surgery. The factors to take into account. (more)


Morning Rounds
Her Sinusitis Was a Sign of Trouble to Come
This 37-year-old was referred to us for evaluation of decreased vision and restricted movements for the right eye. What's your diagnosis?


Practice Perfect
Create a Low Vision-Friendly Office
Patients with near-normal vision won’t realize the significance of your practice’s new look; but low vision patients will be much more at ease when they visit. (more)

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