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January 2006

Products & Services

• Solid State Lens
• Enhanced Ergonomics
• Irrigating Stinger Chopper
• Eye Drop Application Strips
• Lesieur HydroChopper
• The Book Reader

Solid State Lens

Iridex has expanded its OcuLight product line to include the OcuLight OR (532 nanometer) green laser. The OcuLight OR is a solid-state laser system for use in retinal photocoagulation.

The OcuLight OR is designed for the operating room environment and features bright LED displays and large easy-to-read labeling. The laser is energy efficient and does not require regular laser maintenance or special electrical or plumbing.

The laser is compatible with laser indirect ophthalmoscopes and endophotocoagulation probes as delivery device options. A variety of filter models with color balance and tissue visualization are available.

Iridex Corp.
800-388-9087 or 650-940-4700

Enhanced Ergonomics

Carl Zeiss has introduced the Invertertube for surgical microscopes for ophthalmologists, as well as for their assistants’ microscopes.

With the Invertertube, external inverters are no longer required. The inverter integrates into the binocular tube. It reduces the height of the microscope and is intended to allow users to sit in a more comfortable position when using the microscope.

The Invertertube is optimally adjusted to the optics of the Opmi (for surgeons) and Opmi Visu 210 microscopes (for ophthalmic assistants) from Carl Zeiss. 

Carl Zeiss
877-786-7473 or 925-557-4100

Irrigating Stinger Chopper

The Alio-Prats Irrigating Stinger, an irrigating chopper, is now available from Katena. Developed by Jorge L. Alio, MD, PhD, of Alicante, Spain, to complement his MICS technique, the Irrigating Stinger is useful as a chopper and dissector of soft and hard cataracts.

The instrument features a bullet-shaped head for ease of insertion and a blunt stinger-shaped chopping tip. The stinger design enables surgeons to remove fragments from underneath the iris.

The 19-gauge irrigating chopper has a 1-millimeter diameter port facing posteriorly, providing an irrigation flow rate of 65 cubic centimeters per minute.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or 973-989-1600

Eye Drop Application Strips

E-Z Drops disposable eye drop application strips assist patients with using eye drops properly.

Designed to eliminate waste of expensive medication, ensure proper dosing and aid the elderly with independent living, the strips attach to the patient’s eye drop bottles. A reflective surface and bull’s-eye target helps patients accurately administer drops. E-Z Drops are packaged in a two- or four-pack.

E-Z Drops Inc.
866-393-7677 or 561-386-0123

Lesieur HydroChopper

Katena has introduced the Lesieur HydroChopper to efficiently chop and manipulate the nucleus without endangering the posterior capsule. The HydroChopper was designed by Gilles Lesieur, MD, of Albi, France.

The HydroChopper features a smooth, flat tip that extends from the anterior surface of the irrigator, which reduces the overall tip length and allows the surgeon to see the chopper at all times. The end opening port supplies irrigation at 48 cubic centimeters per minute while dual oval sideports help to avoid surges (should the end port become occluded).

The Lesieur HydroChopper is available with a 0.8-millimeter wide tip for vertical chopping or a 0.4-mm wide tip for horizontal chopping.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or 973-989-1600

The Book Reader

Plustek has introduced the Book Reader for the vision impaired. Like a standard flatbed scanner, it attaches to the user’s computer. To operate the Book Reader, the user scans each page of the book then hits the Save button, which turns the written words to an audio file on the computer. The software can be customized to read books in different languages. And the company states that the audio output features lifelike voices.



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