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Implantable Collamer Lens

The FDA has approved Staar Surgical’s Myopic Visian Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL), a refractive phakic implant intended for placement in the posterior chamber of the eye.

The ICL is indicated for the correction of near-sightedness in adults with myopia ranging from –3 D to ≤ –15 D with astigmatism ≤ 2.5 D at the spectacle plane and the reduction of near-sightedness in adults with myopia ranging from greater than –15 D to –20 D with astigmatism ≤ 2.5 D at the spectacle plane.

The implant is for patients 21 to 45 years of age with anterior chamber depth of 3 millimeters or greater and a stable refractive history with 0.5 D or less change for one year prior to implantation.

According to Staar Surgical, the biocompatible proprietary Collamer implant is minimally invasive, as its foldable design allows an incision that can be 50 percent smaller than competing technology.

Staar Surgical
800-352-7842 or 626-303-7902

Multimodality Intraocular Instrument

Medtronic Ophthalmics has expanded its Wet-Field family of lightweight standard and specialty Eraser-brand bipolar cautery instruments with the addition of the PeaceKeeper. The PeaceKeeper combines electrocautery hemostasis and extrusion aspiration/backflush functionality in a single-use, 20-gauge instrument.

The soft 23-gauge silicone extrusion cannula provides active and passive aspiration and reflux of intraocular and subretinal fluids, including viscous fluids, blood and perfluorocarbons. The extrusion cannula extends 18 millimeters to allow subretinal extension through anterior retinal holes. Active and passive aspiration modalities are enabled by an easy connection to any low vacuum system and removal of the 20-gauge plug in the reservoir port.

The outer rigid cannula is beveled 45 degrees at the tip to ease insertion and to deliver focused bipolar energy at the distal-most edge. This enables targeted retinal and epiretinal hemostasis, marking of peripheral retinal holes and diathermy-assisted retinotomy.

Medtronic Ophthalmics
800-535-4646 or 904-296-9600

Irrigating Endothelial Stripper

The Rosenwasser Irrigating Endothelial Stripper is now available from Katena. This instrument is designed to strip the endothelial layer during Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK) procedures.

The Irrigating Endothelial Stripper features a thin, semicircular tip that is angled 90 degrees upward from the irrigation tube. This design is intended to aid in gently peeling and removing the endothelial layer. The 20-gauge irrigation tube assists the surgeon in maintaining the chamber during the procedure, thereby reducing the dependence on viscoelastics.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or 973-989-1600

Senofilcon A Contact Lenses

The FDA has granted an additional indication for Vistakon’s Acuvue Oasys Brand Contact Lenses with Hydraclear Plus. They are now approved for up to six consecutive nights, and seven consecutive days of extended wear.

The lenses are made from senofilcon A, which is a silicone hydrogel.

The Acuvue Oasys lenses block more than 96 percent of UVA rays and 99 percent of UVB rays.

800-843-2020 or 904-443-1000

Dropperette Caddie

Gulden Ophthalmics has introduced the Dropperette Caddie, a sanitary organizer for storing both opened and unopened dropperette containers, as well as surgical spears.

The caddie is designed for convenience when providing postoperative care—instilling unpreserved NSAIDs or eyedrops after LASIK, adjusting LASIK flaps with spears at the slit lamp or instilling pressure-lowering drops after YAG laser —as it can be opened with one hand, while you are holding the patient’s eye open with the other.

The Dropperette Caddie is made of clear acrylic.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or 215-884-8105


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