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April 2006

Fresh Techniques Lamellar Transplants

Fresh Techniques Lamellar Transplants
Partial-thickness corneal transplants have been slow to take off. But several fresh approaches may leave penetrating keratoplasty in the dust. (more)


The VA Wants You!
Things are changing at the VA, and the opportunities for ophthalmologists are better than ever. (more)

Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?

Ophthalmic Pearls
How to Perform an Anterior Vitrectomy

Improve your patients’ outcomes after posterior capsular rupture. (more)


Morning Rounds
The Patient Who Turned to the “Dark Side”
First his complexion became progressively darker, then he noticed darkly pigmented lesions of the conjunctiva. What’s your diagnosis?


Practice Perfect
It Is Hard to Spend Your Accounts Receivable
That’s because it is money that you are owed. Here’s how to minimize AR by improving your billing and making collections more efficient. (more)

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