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Muscle Hook

Katena introduces the Du Plessis Muscle Hook developed by Gideon Du Plessis, MD, from Pretoria, South Africa. The hook is for use in strabismus procedures when an extra-tight muscle is encountered.

The Muscle Hook features two hooks, spaced 2-millimeters apart, with bulbous tips for easy insertion and secure muscle retention. By slipping the two hooks under a tight muscle, space is created between the arms for suture placement. Once the sutures are in place, the surgeon simply rotates the handle away from the globe, causing the proximal arm to lift the muscle for easy introduction of scissor blades.

The double hook design and technique helps prevent tearing of a muscle, tenting of the sclera or perforation of the globe.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or 973-989-1600

Lightweight Lens

Volk Optical has redesigned its Super Macula 2.2 lens for viewing the optic nerve head and macula. The new lens is lighter and smaller than before.

With 1.49-times image magnification and 0.67-times laser spot magnification, the Super Macula 2.2 provides high-resolution treatment capability of lesions near the fovea. The indirect contact lens magnifies the treatment area and delivers a smaller laser spot for focal grid laser treatment.

The lens has a 78-degree field of view and stereopsis for detailed views of the macula and disc.

Volk Optical
800-345-8655 or 440-942-6161

Eye Patches

Eye Care and Cure expands its line of Ortopad Orthoptic eye patches with the introduction of the Ortopad Medium Size patches. The patches are made of a monostretch breathable material with a hypoallergenic latex-free adhesive.

The Ortopad Medium Size patch is oval-shaped and measures 2 7/8-by-2 1/8 inches. They are recommended for children aged 2 to 4. Patches come in white, boys styles, girls styles and in an assorted “fun pack.” Each box contains 50 individually wrapped patches.

Eye Care and Cure
800-486-6169 or 520-321-1262

Conjunctiva Dissector

Katena announces that Eytan Z. Blumenthal, MD, of Jerusalem, Israel, has designed the Blumenthal Conjunctiva Dissector. This new tool is intended to aid in the dissection of a trabeculectomy bleb pocket.

It features a smooth, round, 2-millimeter-wide, disc-shaped tip that permits the surgeon to atraumatically undermine and dissect the bleb pocket in a way that minimizes fibrosis tendencies of the tissue—and lessens the likelihood of bleb failure.

The tip is mounted on a 21-mm shaft for extensive dissection and can be used for fornix-based procedures, as well as limbal-based procedures.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or 973-989-1600

Desktop Magnifier on the Go

The Amigo Desktop Magnifier is a vision-assistance device from Enhanced Vision. The portable Amigo offers digital magnification of 3.5 times to 14 times.

The Amigo is placed directly on the material to be read, and the user adjusts magnification with the turn of a dial. There is no need to lift the device off printed material to achieve ideal magnification.

The magnifier features a 6.5-inch viewing screen. The Amigo also can be connected to any television for a larger viewing area.

The unit has a tilt-screen feature, intended to allow images to be viewed at comfortable angles. The device also lets users click a button to freeze images for a closer look.

The Amigo provides six viewing modes to suit a user’s specific vision requirements: color, black text/white background, white text/black background, black and white, yellow text/blue background and yellow text/black background.

The Amigo Desktop Magnifier comes with a writing stand, carrying case and removable battery with an internal charger.

Enhanced Vision
888-811-3161 or 714-374-1829


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