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May 2006

Bioptics Update: Correcting Both Lens and Cornea

Bioptics Update: Correcting Both Lens and Cornea
Many refractive surgeons now plan corrections that include both IOLs and LASIK. Should you? (more)

Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?

Ophthalmic Pearls
It takes a special set of skills to evaluate and manage older patients who have eye muscle disorders. Pearls for your practice. (more)


Morning Rounds
A Curious Case of Floaters and Fevers
After an onset of blurry vision he visited his Eye M.D. who found a hole in the inferotemporal periphery of the right eye. What’s your diagnosis?


Practice Perfect
Should You Open a Satellite Office?
Will it be the key to expanding your practice or a continuing drain on your resources? Know the pros and cons. (more)

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