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June 2006

Products & Services

• Femtosecond Laser
• Diagnostic Imaging Service for Diabetic Retinopathy
• Lacrimal Cannula
• Iris Retractors
• Ocular Wavefront Analyzer

Femtosecond Laser

Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems has received FDA clearance to market its Da Vinci Femtosecond Surgical Laser System for LASIK and corneal surgery.

The Da Vinci uses laser technology to generate short, small, low-energy infrared laser pulses that dissect corneal tissue with precision. The laser operates at a very high pulse rate—in the megahertz range.

Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems
866-541-8326 or 011-41-32-332-7050 (Switzerland)

Diagnostic Imaging Service for Diabetic Retinopathy

Digital Healthcare has introduced OptoMize, an integrated management platform for community-based diagnostic retinal imaging.

Using standard high-resolution digital fundus cameras with either dilated or undilated patients, the OptoMize system links primary care locations to digital reading centers using encrypted messaging. The system includes software to control most models of fundus cameras, to check the images, to collect clinical data, to transmit the images and data and to check that the data have been received at the reading center.

The reading center software serves the images and data to graders who then route reports and referral information back to providers.

The system’s administration module includes options for patient management, including call and recall, digital referral to ophthalmologists, and clinic and outcomes management.

Digital Healthcare
866-234-6243 or 410-654-8954

Lacrimal Cannula

The Burnstine Lacrimal Cannula for lacrimal irrigation is now available from Katena. Developed by Michael Burnstine, MD, of Pasadena, Calif., the 23-gauge cannula features an end-opening port for direct irrigation and a tapered tip for ease of entry into an undilated punctum. The 13-millimeter length makes it ideal to probe, as well as irrigate the proximal lacrimal system, eliminating the need for placement of Bowman probes to measure canalicular obstruction.

According to Dr. Burnstine, the end opening and direct irrigation design prevents misdiagnosis in the setting of canalicular stenosis.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or 973-989-1600

Iris Retractors

FCI Ophthalmics has added Reusable Flexible Iris Retractors and Disposable Flexible Iris Retractors to its line of cataract products.

The flexible iris retractors are used when pharmacological dilation does not work to gently stretch and stabilize the iris for maximum visibility during surgery. Once the iris is hooked and retracted, the bright blue retractors are held securely in position by sliding the tiny, adjustable silicone “donut” up to the limbus.

The retractors are made of blue polypropylene fiber and are inserted through a 0.5-millimeter incision, making them suitable for temporary iris dilation.

The reusable iris retractors come six to a box along with a steam autoclavable container. The disposable retractors come five to a box.

FCI Ophthalmics
800-932-4202 or 781-826-9060

Ocular Wavefront Analyzer

Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems has announced the launch of the Maxwell Ocular Wavefront Analyzer, a Hartmann-Shack aberrometer designed for stand-alone applications in ophthalmology and for integration into a variety of surgical and diagnostic systems.

It features a 7.2-by-7.2-millimeter area of analysis at the eye pupil plane, which is broken down into 1,024 lenslets, yielding a spherical and cylinder measurement reproducibility of less than 0.003 D. A monitor built into the aberrometer console aids in taking measurements.

The aberrometer has been optimized as a stand-alone device with its major applications in comprehensive refraction analysis and the objective measurement of accommodation.

With its computer-driven, adjustable near-far target, the Maxwell is also suited for measuring total ocular wavefront in varying states of accommodation—offering applications in presbyopia correction.

Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems
866-541-8326 or 011-41-32-332-7050 (Switzerland)


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