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July/August 2006

Fresh Oculoplastics Technologies: The New Face of Cosmesis

Fresh Oculoplastics Technologies: The New Face of Cosmesis
From lasers to radio frequencies and pulsed light, fresh oculoplastic technologists are expanding the field of cosmetic rejuvenation. (more)

New Orleans—One Year After Katrina
In recent years the Crescent City has been a favorite venue for the Academy’s Annual Meeting. Here’s how it is bouncing back from Hurricane Katrina. (more)

Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?

           Destination Vegas

Destination Vegas Part Two of Five: Deadlines
Get ready for the Joint Meeting with a heads-up on deadlines. Preview this year’s events and highlights of the exhibit hall. (more)


Ophthalmic Pearls
Diagnosis and Treatment of Neovascular Glaucoma
What to keep in mind in the diagnosis and treatment of neovascular glaucoma. Pearls for your practice. (more)


Morning Rounds
The Case of the Unconscious Car Enthusiast
After his wife found him unconscious on the garage floor, she called 911 and the EMT service took him to the local hospital. What’s your diagnosis?

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