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Last Month's Blink: Traumatic Aniridia
Blink September 2006

A 68-year-old man noted a red spot on his right eye. Initially, he was treated with antibiotics for presumed conjunctivitis. As the mass evolved, a papilloma was suspected. A few months later, the mass was believed to be squamous cell carcinoma.

The mass measured 12 mm in diameter and 3.5 mm in thickness, with a portion invading the corneal surface between the 1:30 and 4 o’clock position. Anterior segment fluorescein angiography confirmed the presence of intrinsic vessels. The patient underwent excisional biopsy with alcohol epitheliectomy and cryotherapy.

Pathology results verified the diagnosis as conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma. A follow-up examination showed a healed scar with no tumor recurrence.

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