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• Portable Slit Lamp
• Microkeratome Upgrade
• LED Bright Field Magnifier
• DVD for Children With Eye Patches
• Hydrating Goggles
• Bipolar Pencil

Portable Slit Lamp

The PSL Portable Slit Lamp is now available from Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments.

The company reports that the device can be used with any patient, in any position, making it well-suited for nonambulatory patients and those in nursing homes. Compactly designed, this handheld instrument utilizes a high luminance white LED light source, which has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and is powered by two rechargeable batteries that provide approximately two hours of use. The PSL weighs 1.5 lbs and includes a battery charger and carrying case.

888-849-8955 or 716-686-4500
Booth #2531

Microkeratome Upgrade

An updated version of the Amadeus II microkeratome is now available from Advanced Medical Optics (AMO). The Amadeus II is capable of performing automated epi-debridement as opposed to the semi-manual method. According to AMO, this means that the microkeratome is able to complete a clean separation and removal of the epithelial flap, which it says correlates with a faster healing rate.

As an addition to the base unit, the optional surface ablation module aims to provide patient and physician flexibility in performing LASIK, Epi-LASIK or lamellar epithelial debridement procedures with only one instrument. Controllable with an LCD touch screen or two foot pedals, this Amadeus II upgrade features built-in problem sensors, multiple safety checks and same assembly for left or right eye.

Advanced Medical Optics
866-427-8477 or 714-247-8200
Booth #3920

LED Bright Field Magnifier

Designed for visually impaired patients to minimize the eyestrain that can be caused by small print and poor illumination, Eschenbach’s Makrolux is a distortion-free 2.2-times magnification lens illuminated by surface-mount LED technology.

The large 90 by 30-mm rectangular viewing area is intended for easy navigation across full columns of newspaper and magazine text, while the forward-tilted angled lens supports a comfortable reading position. Ridges on the bottom keep the lens 1 mm off the reading surface to prevent scratches. The Makrolux is scratch-resistant, operates on three AA batteries, and includes a carrying bag.

800-487-5389 or 203-438-7471
Booth #2619

DVD for Children With Eye Patches

 “The Eye Patch Kids” is now available from Bjort & Company. This educational DVD is created to help and entertain children who have to wear an eye patch for vision problems such as amblyopia, strabismus and cataract.

Young viewers are encouraged to don their eye patches alongside singing and dancing patched puppets. Intended to take the pressure off the parents and place it on the shoulders of Princess and the rest of “The Eye Patch Kids,” the program teaches children that wearing a patch will help improve the condition of their eyes. This DVD is a recipient of a 2005 Telly Award.

Bjort & Company

Hydrating Goggles

The most recent addition to Eye Eco’s Eye Hydrating Therapy line, Tranquileyes are soft, flexible goggles that aim to restore moisture by reducing the evaporation of natural tears and increasing heat and humidity around the eye. The goggles come with moisture pads that patients soak in water and insert for added moisture.

Intended to address the dryness and fatigue associated with contact lens wear, LASIK, computer use, allergies, medical conditions and normal aging, every set includes a replaceable pair of rubber eye covers, eye cushions and moisture pads.

Eye Eco
888-730-7999 or 951-296-9967

Bipolar Pencil

Kirwan Surgical Products has introduced a 23-gauge disposable bipolar pencil intended for use where vitreoretinal surgical systems are employed. This instrument is intended to improve surgical capabilities while minimizing surgical trauma and time spent in the operating room.

Kirwan Surgical Products
888-547-9267 or 781-834-9500
Booth #2623


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