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November/December 2006

Academy News
Sunday, November 12
AN Sunday

Honorary Lectures (776 KB)
- Honor Some of Ophthalmology's Great Names
- Cataract Monday

The Year in Review (507 KB)
- Join the Editors of AJO, Archives and Ophthalmology

Advocacy (339 KB)
- Be a Physician-Advocate

Subday Speakers (207 KB)
- Subspecialty Day: Epidemics, Ethics, and Patient Education
- Open the Door to Compliance

Resources (165 KB)
- Visit the Resource Center: Invest in Your Future Today
- Neighboring Exhibits

Dr. Buzz (297 KB)
- Two Young Physicians, Four Sharp Eyes
- Yo! It's Your Day

10 Best Videos (320 KB)
- Highlights of the Video Program
- Surgeons of the Silver Screen

Museum of Vision (669 KB)
- Ophthalmology and Medical Quackery
- Historical Symposium

Free Events (667 KB)
- Drop in on One of This Year's Free Events
- 2006 Opening Session and ABM
- Technology Theater