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Allegretto Wave Eye-Q

The FDA has granted WaveLight marketing clearance for the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q, a 400-Hz excimer laser system designed to deliver fast, high-volume laser vision correction with increased efficiency and patient comfort.

The Eye-Q was approved to correct myopia of up to –12 D with up to –6 D astigmatism, and hyperopia of up to 6 D with up to 5 D of astigmatism. According to WaveLight, one diopter of correction is delivered in two seconds with a 6.5-mm optical zone. Like its predecessor—the 200-Hz Allegretto Wave—the new Eye-Q system is intended to deliver specific ablation profiles based on each eye’s unique corneal asphericity to preserve the cornea’s natural shape. This, the company says, has been shown to improve visual outcomes, particularly in dim light conditions.

866-928-3544 or 571-434-8500
Booth #3555

Three-Chip Video Camera

Carl Zeiss has introduced a new three-chip camera tailored to ophthalmologic surgery and designed to deliver high-contrast, high-resolution video images.

The MediLive Trio Eye features preset configurations for the posterior and anterior segments of the eye and is intended to provide bright images regardless of lighting conditions. The various camera configurations for halogen illumination and Superlux Eye xenon illumination can be saved and recalled at the push of a button, thus eliminating white balance when switching between illumination types.

The optional OPMI VISU 210 surgical microscope and Invertertube are also available to be used in conjunction with the MediLive Trio Eye during retinal surgery.

Carl Zeiss
800-341-6968 or 925-557-4100
Booth #2820

Visual Screening Kit

Gulden Ophthalmics has released a new industrial vision screening kit. This product is intended for testing vision when a person’s acuity and color vision is a critical part of their job.

According to Gulden, this time-saving tool is quick and easy to administer, compact for portability and well-protected for industrial environments. The test includes a near-acuity card, a color-test plate, “C” Daylight glasses and instructions.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or 215-884-8105
Booth #2949

Eye Model

Developed to improve the teaching of funduscopy skills, the Timberlake Eye Model has been released by Gulden Ophthalmics. It can be used to teach indirect ophthalmoscopy, direct ophthalmoscopy and the use of fundus lenses with a slit lamp. According to Gulden, this model offers advantages over actual human subject eyes because the Timberlake Eye never tires, moves or blinks, and can illustrate multiple retinal pathologies.

The Timberlake Eye Model features changeable pupil sizes (fully dilated 8 mm and completely undilated 2 mm), insertable images of multiple retinal pathologies and a calibrating scale that allows the eye to be set from –8 D to 8 D.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or 215-884-8105
Booth #2949

New Surgical Sponge Line

Wilson Ophthalmic has announced the launch of the Opticel line of ophthalmic surgical sponge products. The Opticel line includes surgical PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), cellulose and LASIK spears, wipes, wicks, drains and shields. The PVA material is designed with ultrafine and continuous open pore construction to minimize adhesion and create strength and softness.

Wilson Ophthalmic
800-222-2020 or 405-376-9114
Booth #2459

Transpalpebral Tonometer

Bicom has received FDA approval for its Diaton tonometer, which measures IOP through the eyelid without corneal contact or the need for anesthesia or sterilization.

Weighing in at less than 90 g, the penlike, handheld Diaton tonometer requires no more than three seconds for a single measurement and has a digital readout for IOP.

877-342-8667 or 516-431-3859
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