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• Excimer Laser for Hyperopia and Astigmatism
• OTC Eye-Itch Relief
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• Approval for Conjunctivitis Testing

Updated Accommodating IOL

Updated Accommodating IOL Eyeonics has updated its original Crystalens, the first IOL for cataracts to provide accommodation through the use of a hinge mechanism. The redesigned Crystalens Five-O features a larger optic size (from 4.5 to 5 mm) and parallel plates rather than trapezoidal plates.

The Five-O is also designed with 90 percent more plate arc length and 17 percent greater surface area. These features are intended to enhance predictability, facilitate implantation and increase range of plate motion.

866-393-6642 or 949-389-1790

Flashing Fixation Sticks

Flashing Fixation Sticks Gulden Ophthalmics has released Flashing Fixation Sticks. These two plastic, battery-operated sticks feature fixation flashers to provide a series of detailed accommodation-stimulation targets for the young patient.

Single sticks are intended for performing various tests: unilateral test at near, alternating cover test at near, pursuit testing and near point of convergence, among others. Dual sticks with different targets exposed are designed for saccade testing.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or 215-884-8105

Excimer Laser for Hyperopia and Astigmatism

Excimer Laser for Hyperopia and Astigmatism The FDA has approved NIDEK’s EC-5000 excimer laser for the LASIK treatment of hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism. With this approval, surgeons are able to treat hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism (+0.5 D to +5 D sphere and up to 2 D cylinder) in addition to the current range for myopia and myopic astigmatism.

800-223-9044 or 510-226-5700

OTC Eye-Itch Relief

The FDA has approved Novartis Ophthalmics’ prescription drug Zaditor (ketotifen fumarate ophthalmic solution 0.025 percent) for over-the-counter use to relieve eye itch caused by common allergens.

Zaditor OTC is offered at full-prescription strength and is intended to provide up to 12 hours of continuous itch relief with one drop. According to Novartis, the drug is the only nonprescription formula to relieve eye itch without a decongestant and the first over-the-counter eye-itch relief drop approved for use in children as young as three.

Zaditor includes an antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer and it is formulated to prevent the release of chemical mediators in order to stop late-phase allergic reaction.

Novartis Ophthalmics
888-669-6682 or 862-778-0788

Stand Magnifier

Stand Magnifier A new stand magnifier has been released by Eschenbach. Designed to help with low-vision activities, the illuminated Scribolux features a large viewing area and a 100 mm x 75 mm lens that provides 2.8x magnification.

The Scribolux is portable, operates on three AA batteries and uses a surface-mount LED.

800-487-5389 or 203-438-7471

Electronic Medical Records System

Electronic Medical Records System GloStream has developed an Electronic Medical Records system (EMR) designed to eliminate paperwork from physicians’ offices.

The GloEMR features built-in voice technology, PDA support, online appointment requests, customizable templates, and automatic scanning with recognition of patient history information.

According to GloStream, this product is in compliance with HIPAA and CMS regulations.

877-456-3671 or 248-352-1700

Approval for Conjunctivitis Testing

Rapid Pathogen Screening has received both FDA clearance and a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waiver for a test called the RPS Adeno Detector.

This 10-minute, in-office test is intended to detect all 51 serotypes of adenoviral conjunctivitis. The RPS Adeno Detector has a sensitivity and specificity that, the company says, approaches viral culture when PCR is used as a reference method.

The test is designed to provide a laboratory-quality confirmation of disease at the point of care.

Rapid Pathogen Screening
800-772-4346 or 570-327-6112


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