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Presbyopia Calls on a New Generation

Presbyopia Calls on a New Generation
Millions of Americans are approaching their presbyopic years, and a number of different refractive solutions are here or are in development. (more)

Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?
Ophthalmic Pearls

Normal-Tension Glaucoma
How to distinguish normal-tension glaucoma from primary open-angle glaucoma. Advice on differential diagnosis and how to treat. (more)

Morning Rounds

Friday Night Football: A Problem on the Field
In one game he was knocked unconscious; in the next, he collapsed by the side of the field. What’s your diagnosis?

Practice Perfect

How to Increase Word-of-Mouth Referrals
What are your current patients saying about your practice? And what can you do to turn them into advocates for your practice? Use these tips to increase patient satisfaction. (more)




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