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February 2007

Products & Services

• 3-D Imaging for Microscopes
• MICS Capsulorhexis Forceps

3-D Imaging for Microscopes

TrueVision Systems has introduced a 3-D, high-definition vision system for microscopes. TrueVision converts the optical 3-D image viewed through the microscope to a digital 3-D image displayed on a projection screen or monitor in real time. This capability is designed to transform stereomicroscopes into more ergonomic and collaborative devices.

TrueVision consists of three components: the image processing unit, the image display system (which is a portable cart that integrates the processing unit with a dual rear projector system and a 40-inch screen) and the image capture module (a 3-D, HDTV-quality digital camera that replaces the microscope’s eyepiece).

This system features plug-and-play real-time capabilities, image storage and retrieval, and integration of other digital images, such as CT and MRI, with the live 3-D image.

TrueVision Systems


MICS Capsulorhexis Forceps

Katena Products has launched its Giannetti MICS Capsulorhexis Forceps. It is designed to perform both anterior and posterior capsulorhexis through a 1.5-mm incision.

The forceps features thin shanks that are less than 1 mm wide in the closed position and are limited to a maximum spread of 2 mm. The small tips can be used to make the initial tear as well as grasp the capsule, while the shanks are angled and vaulted in order to provide better access to the capsule without stretching the incision.

Katena Products
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