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• Universal Cataract Chopper/ Multi-Tool
• Slit-Lamp Yellow Filter

Universal Cataract Chopper/ Multi-Tool

Bausch & Lomb has introduced the ET0703 Devgan Universal Cataract Chopper/ Multi-Tool. This double-ended instrument is made of titanium and, on one end, features a chopping tip that is intended to provide control of the nucleus with all chopping techniques. This tip is curved and smooth so as to protect the posterior capsule from the phaco probe during nucleus removal. It is also designed with grooves to engage the optic or haptics for IOL manipulation and for iris push-pull in small-pupil cases. And the company says it can be used to lift the corneal incision, ease placement of instruments and stabilize the eye providing countertraction via the paracentesis during IOL implantation, particularly in small incisions.

On the other end of the instrument, a traditional spatula is provided for intraocular manipulation of iris, lens fragments or vitreous.

Bausch & Lomb
800-338-2020 or


Slit-Lamp Yellow Filter

Many new slit lamps come with a built-in yellow filter to enhance fluorescein corneal staining. Gulden Ophthalmics has introduced a Wratten #12 yellow filter to give existing slit lamps the same capabilities.

This filter is designed for early detection of micropunctate corneal staining caused by contact lens and contact solution interaction, and early detection of the correlation between patient symptoms and signs of dry eye syndrome. It is also intended for better visualization of rigid gas permeable contact lens fluorescein patterns.

It is encased in a plastic frame and recessed in order to reduce filter damage. A storage case is optional.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or



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