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Card Set for Presbyopia

Precision Vision announces the Colenbrander Mixed Contrast Card Set intended to help standardize the objective evaluation of various presbyopia corrections, be it with glasses, contact lenses, refractive surgery or IOLs.

The set consists of two cards printed on both sides, equipped with cords to standardize the viewing distance at 16 inches (reading distance), 25 inches (computer distance) and 40 inches (intermediate distance).

Three of the four sides present high-contrast letters (in ETDRS format) on the left and low-contrast letters on the right, so that both high-contrast and low-contrast performance can be measured and compared. The fourth side has sentences to test reading ability at high and low contrast.

According to the company, the cards give the practitioner a way to go beyond the subjective judgment of the patient by objectively comparing the performance at standardized distances. The effect of changes in illumination can be demonstrated, and the fact that the high-contrast and low-contrast tests are presented side by side makes any contrast deficits obvious to the patient.

Precision Vision
800-772-9211 or


IntraLase Flap Spatula

Katena Products has developed a new double-ended spatula designed specifically to lift a lamellar flap created with an IntraLase laser.

The Hersh IntraLase Flap Spatula has a 6-mm long spatula on one end and a 10-mm long spatula on the opposite end. Each spatula features a rounded anterior surface and flat posterior surface while both spatulas are convex to conform to the natural curvature of the cornea. A 2-mm beveled tip at the end of each spatula is intended to break through the peripheral edge of the flap allowing the spatula to slip beneath the flap for planar stripping of the interface.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or


Digital Imaging System

Ophthalmic Imaging Systems has introduced a new digital imaging system designed specifically for the general ophthalmologist. The OIS WinStation Essential has a simple interface and connects directly to the fundus camera using a high-resolution sensor that provides an image of 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution. Images are displayed on a 19-inch flat-panel monitor and can be archived through either a DVD- or CD-recorder. It can be integrated with the Ophthalmology Office-EMR software system.

Ophthalmic Imaging Systems also has WinStation Retina, which is designed for retina specialists and includes many of the same features as WinStation Essential. It provides an image of 2,560 x 1,920 pixel resolution and has optional indocyanine green and autofluorescence capability.

Ophthalmic Imaging Systems
800-338-8436 or


Video Magnifier

Eschenbach has released the SmartView Xtend-Color, a video magnifier designed for people with vision loss.

The SmartView Xtend magnifies text, objects (photos, mail, magazines) and actions (writing checks, doing crossword puzzles) from 4x to 62x and displays them on a built-in, flat-screen monitor that can be adjusted to fit a patient’s individual needs.

Eschenbach offers four models. All these color monitors include autofocus, brightness and contrast control at the press of a button. The most advanced model provides computer access, a footswitch, toggle and split-screen functionality and multiple video modes.

800-487-5389 or


Reversible Speculum

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments has developed the E4122 Kavanagh Reversible Speculum. The arms of this adjustable tool are angled 45 degrees to allow for a temporal or traditional approach to the globe. The instrument also has 15-mm blades that are intended to guard against lashes entering the field and to provide exposure of the anterior surface of the eye.

The speculum is designed to offer a near parallel opening, allowing for adequate exposure and optimal patient comfort.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
800-338-2020 or


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