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September 2007

Products & Services

• New IOL
• Curved-Tip Scissors
• Hand Sanitizing System
• Toric Marker Set
• Disposable Cannula for IntraLase Flaps
• Vitamin Supplement


Rayner Surgical has announced that the FDA has approved its C-flex 570C injectable IOL.

The C-flex IOL is manufactured from Rayacryl hydrophilic acrylic copolymer, a material that the company says provides for high biocompatibility, optical purity (no vacuoles or glistenings), low silicone oil adherence and superb handling characteristics. It also has a square-edged design to aid in reducing posterior capsular opacification. It is available in a variety of powers: +8 D to +30 D in 0.5-D increments, +31 D to +34 D in 1-D increments and +18 D to +23.75 D in 0.25-D increments.

Each C-flex IOL is supplied in 0.9 percent saline solution in a pouched blister pack and includes a lens injection system pack containing one single-use, soft-tipped injector and one transparent, single-use postop eye shield.

Rayner Surgical
+44 1273 205401
(United Kingdom)


Curved-Tip Scissors

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments announces the ET8306- CTL Snyder AC Scissors Curved Tip.

These scissors are designed for cutting fine structures, including capsule, iris, adhesions and sutures in the anterior chamber, and feature a 23-gauge shaft diameter for small-incision entry. The fine, tapered, curved blades are intended to provide precise cutting and can be rotated left or right for better control in the eye.

This instrument requires the ET8199 H handle (sold separately).

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
800-338-2020 or


Hand Sanitizing System

Gulden Ophthalmics has released the GermControl Touchless Hand Sanitizing Unit and its companion Germ-Star Instant Hand Sanitizing Solution.

The unit employs an infra-red sensor to initiate dispensing of the disinfection solution when hands are positioned at, but do not touch, the dispensing nozzle. The unit’s touchless design prevents cross- and recontamination from occurring. The battery-operated unit also features a patented gravity dispenser so there is no motor to wear out.

The solution is self-evaporating, so no rinsing or towels are needed. The unit can be wall mounted.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or


Toric Marker Set

ASICO has introduced a toric marker set designed for the optimal alignment of the Acrysof toric IOL. The Pre-Op marker (AE-2791) is designed to mark the eye temporally, with the patient sitting up at the slit lamp in order to avoid any error due to cyclotorsion of the eye. This marker can be used on the right or the left eye. 

The Intra-Op marker (AE-2792) is designed to be used once the cataract has been removed. The company reports that once the inner movable marks have been rotated to the correct axis and the marker has been inked, it is easy to align the outer fixed mark of the marker with the 6 o’clock mark from the Pre-Op marker.

800-628-2879 or


Disposable Cannula for IntraLase Flaps

Katena Products has released its new 27-gauge John IntraLasik disposable cannula. It was designed by Maurice John, MD, to undermine and elevate a LASIK flap created with an IntraLase laser. The instrument’s flattened barrel is intended to allow the surgeon to easily slip the cannula under the flap edge and to have less resistance during the sweeping motion.

The John IntraLasik Cannula (K20-3151) is supplied sterile with 10 per box.

Katena Products
800-225-1195 or


Vitamin Supplement

Bausch & Lomb introduces Ocuvite DF eye vitamin supplement to help maintain eye health in diabetics.

Ocuvite DF is fortified with the antioxidant genistein, which, in combination with other nutrients and antioxidants such as alpha-lipoic acid, combats free radicals and reduces the oxidative stress that may play a role in diabetic retinopathy.

Bausch & Lomb
800-553-5340 or



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