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January 2008

Products & Services

• Laser Lens
• New Instruments
• Retinal Camera
• Soft I/A Tips
• B-Scan Probe

Laser Lens

Volk has expanded its laser treatment offerings with the addition of the H-R Wide Field Laser Lens for wide-field diagnostics and panretinal photocoagulation laser treatment.

The lens combines a 145-degree/155-degree deep field of view with a double aspheric glass design, and it provides 0.50x magnification and 2x laser spot magnification to provide distortion-free, high-resolution imaging. The H-R Wide Field Laser Lens is housed in a low-profile, reduced-size unit to simplify manipulation of the lens.

Volk Optical
800-345-8655 or


New Instruments

ASICO has introduced two new products to its instrument line.

The Advancut Safety blades are ASICO’s latest disposable knives. These disposable, angled clear corneal blades are designed for any procedure. Extending and retracting through a twist-and-glide action, the blades range from 2 to 3 mm.

The Nuits/Lane Pre-op Toric Reference Marker is designed to be used with the Intra-op Toric Axis Marker for precise alignment. Marking patterns are located on both sides for marking the left and right eyes temporally, and a bubble-level helps in accuracy of marking the 3-, 6- and 9 o’clock positions. Other features include more cutouts on the marking surface and laser lines on the nonmarking surface for increased visibility and visualization, and a lightweight, all-titanium body.

800-628-2879 or


Retinal Camera

Canon has announced the release of its CF-1 Digital Retinal Camera.

The CF-1 enables a 50-degree viewing angle and is equipped with three imaging modes: color, fluorescein angiography and red-free. The camera also features wide-range pan and tilt movements along with an ergonomic design that motorizes procedures usually performed by hand, such as changing the filters and adjusting chin height. All functions are integrated into a tabletop unit with a power supply built into the base to allow for closer interaction with the patient and easier access to the patient’s eyes.

The CF-1 system also includes Retinal Imaging Control Software for study management and image capture control. The interface of the PC-based software is intended to provide quick input of and access to necessary information and images. The DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard–compliant network interface is also utilized for integration with existing image management systems and connection to a variety of network configurations.

800-652-2666 or


Soft I/A Tips

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments has introduced a new line of Soft I/A tips featuring a silicone covering with a flexible port for safety and cost efficiency.

The Soft I/A protects the capsule by placing a flexible barrier between the aspiration source and intraocular structures. The metallic port never contacts the capsule. The silicone covering of the tip is intended for scrubbing the capsular bag, removing cortex from the capsular fornices and manipulating the IOL in place during viscoelastic removal. The company reports that the Soft I/A tips scrub debris from the IOL implant surface and reduce the chance of optic damage.

The Soft I/A tips are reusable for up to 10 procedures when cleaned and sterilized according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They are available in three different configurations: straight, curved and 45-degree angle.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
800-338-2020 or


B-Scan Probe

Tomey has released the new B-Scan 20 MHz Probe for observing the surrounding retina, corpus ciliare and anterior vitreous. In conjunction with the video function of the Tomey B-Scan unit, the new probe is designed for live vs. static visualization of the trabeculation of the ciliary body and easier identification of glaucoma. This product is also intended for providing accurate sulcus-to-sulcus measurement for IOL and implantable contact lens patients.

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