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Take a Tour of the O.N.E. Network
By Karl C. Golnik, MD, Editor-in-Chief of the O.N.E. Network

When you need CME, want to prepare for Maintenance of Certification, or could use clinically relevant information for point-of-service patient care, there’s one central place to turn: The Ophthalmic News & Education (O.N.E.) Network.

Casey Jones, MD, a pediatric ophthalmologist, needs some CME. He goes to www.aao.org/one, clicks the Educational Content tab and filters the page so that he views only the pediatric and strabismus offerings. He looks over the self-assessment materials, including cases and educational videos, as well as the MOC Exam Study Kit. He completes two self-assessment exams and then goes to counsel a concerned parent. When Dr. Jones returns to the O.N.E. self-assessment page the next day, he clicks the link to view the evaluation details of one of his self-assessments and sees that his score on the questions related to exotropia management is lower than the average score earned by other ophthalmologists. He decides to develop a custom learning plan to address exotropia management.

Dr. Jones is working with the Academy’s new Ophthalmic News & Education (O.N.E.) Network, launched at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The Academy and ophthalmic subspecialty societies developed O.N.E. to provide a single source of ophthalmic news and education that is of great depth and breadth, with the goal of encouraging lifelong learning for ophthalmologists.

The Academy has long been a source of education and news for its members by providing valuable resources like the Basic and Clinical Science Course, Focal Points, Ophthalmology, EyeNet and Academy Express. The Academy also has a proud history of volunteerism among its members, who have become actively involved in developing and maintaining its educational resources. The O.N.E. Network is no exception. The Academy assembled an editorial board of experts, who then formed subspecialty committees. These committees actively contribute to the O.N.E. Network by alerting the editors to news leads as well as by providing commentaries on timely topics. Thus, the O.N.E. Network combines Academy educational material, the collective wisdom of its editorial board and timely updates on current news and research.


A Single Stop to Reach Seven Resources

When you set up a O.N.E. Network home page, it displays news and information about your subspecialty when you log on. It brings you news from the month’s top journal studies, as well as a rundown of the week’s top medical stories appearing in the popular media, so that you can keep up to date with what your patients are reading. It features the latest in clinical updates, techniques, diagnostics, controversies and strategies for managing complications. These are accessed through a range of print, video and audio media, and can be filtered for your subspecialty.

From your O.N.E. home page, you decide whether to read the news that is displayed there or to click through to the News page, which offers a broad selection of meeting reports, summaries of clinical studies, industry news, subspecialty newsletters and commentaries.

Alternatively, you can click through to other resources. For example, in the Educational Content area, you will find free self-assessment tools, clinical cases, courses and podcasts. As we saw with Dr. Jones, the online self-assessment provides real-time, anonymous evaluation of your performance as compared with your peers, and it identifies areas in which you may wish to polish your expertise by telling you the correct answers or where to find them. If you’ve purchased the online versions of Academy products—for example, this year’s Basic Clinical and Science Course, Focal Points, EyeMovies or ProVision—you can easily access them through O.N.E., and snippets from the BCSC are available to all users.

In the Learning Plan area, you can build a custom learning plan with automated reminders. O.N.E. will analyze your self-assessments and suggest and provide relevant content to augment your plan. You choose which tasks are added to your learning plan and assign a completion date. O.N.E will send reminders to keep you on track.

The MOC area includes a comprehensive description of the Maintenance of Certification process and a free MOC Exam Study Kit. The study kit includes an outline based on the Practicing Ophthalmologists Curriculum, the same content that is being used by the American Board of Ophthalmology to develop the exam questions; hundreds of multiple choice questions, including a link back to the relevant area of the study outline; a 50-question, timed exam that simulates the online test-taking experience; and a notebook feature, which allows you to make and search bookmarks, highlights and notes.

There’s a CME Transcript area where you can log the CME you earn through the O.N.E. Network and elsewhere. There’s also a Library with free, full-text access to five prestigious eye journals: Ophthalmology, American Journal of Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology Clinics of North America, Survey of Ophthalmology and the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

The Practice Guidelines area allows you to review standards of care with the Academy’s practice guidelines. For help in treating specific diseases, you can search the guidelines—based on clinical evidence and expert consensus—and improve quality of care by decreasing inappropriate variation and expediting medical advances into everyday practice.

You can also conduct searches, set alerts and view events in the calendar area. It’s possible to customize the home page further with a personal calendar, a MOC/CME dashboard to track your completed CME hours and to find out where you are on the 10-year MOC clock, as well as a “favorites” section where you can create and store quick links to individual site pages.


Swift, Focused Search Function

The Academy took great care to ensure that O.N.E. can do thorough, targeted searches to pull up the information you want in short order. Its clinical search system is supported by SNOMED (Systemized NOmenclature of MEDicine) tagging and is enhanced by customized Google search technology. The result is a search tool that allows you quickly to retrieve relevant and meaningful information to meet your specific clinical challenges. SNOMED is a hierarchical taxonomy that brings structure to a wealth of medical content by being able to categorize the retrieved information into various clinical contexts, including: diagnosis, differential diagnosis, complications and clinical or surgical management.

The search scours trusted Academy resources, including the Basic and Clinical Science Course, as well as extensive literature banks of other Academy and third party material. This search function allows for rapid retrieval of relevant clinical information that can be utilized as patients are evaluated in the office.


Getting Started

I urge you to investigate the O.N.E. Network by utilizing the “O.N.E. Explorer,” a succinct tutorial available whenever you log on. I am confident that as you explore the O.N.E. Network, you will be amazed at the comprehensive content and will be excited about the potential for enhancing your continued education. As you use the O.N.E. Network, please keep in mind that it is new, and we will be striving continually to improve its content and functionality. I hope that you will have a rich and robust learning experience by using the O.N.E. Network. Please visit soon at www.aao.org/one.



The O.N.E. Network depends on the regular contributions of its editorial board members. Each of the subspecialty editors below has selected several colleagues to assist with the subspecialty’s news and information.

Editor-in-Chief of the O.N.E. Network
Karl C. Golnik, MD

Cataract/Anterior Segment
Warren E. Hill, MD

Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Richard G. Shugarman, MD

Cornea/External Disease
Shahzad I. Mian, MD

Christopher A. Girkin, MD

Andrew G. Lee, MD

Ocular Pathology/Oncology
Debra J. Shetlar, MD

Robert A. Goldberg, MD

Pediatric Ophthalmology/Strabismus
Richard W. Hertle, MD

Refractive Management/Intervention
Steven C. Schallhorn, MD

Franco M. Recchia, MD

Emmett T Cunningham Jr., MD, PhD, MPH


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