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Tonometer Approval

Diagnostic Instrument Group has announced that the FDA has approved its iCare tonometer to be used as a glaucoma screening tool by health care professionals in the United States.

Eliminating the need for anesthetic drops, the tonometer measures IOP with a tiny probe that utilizes induction-based, rebound technology. The probe momentarily meets the surface of the cornea as the electromagnetic device records its rate of deceleration in the rebound motion within microseconds.

The company reports that the measurement is barely noticed by the patient, rarely activates the corneal reflex and is designed to add convenience in measuring IOP in people who are traditionally more difficult to obtain readings from, such as children, the morbidly obese and dementia patients.

The disposable probe eliminates the risk of microbiological contamination.

Diagnostic Instrument Group
877-344-8733 or


HRT Software Update

Heidelberg Engineering has released a new version of its HRT Glaucoma Module Premium Edition version 3.1 software. This new version is being provided as a free update to existing version 3.0 users.

Software updates include enhancements to the glaucoma progression report. The OU report for follow-up exams includes the Topographic Change Analysis, which now provides information on the progression of glaucomatous damage on one tab. Other features include changes to user tabs, such as additions and improvements to existing screen displays, new stereometric parameters and improvements to data management. Heidelberg Engineering

Heidelberg Engineering
800-931-2230 or


Model Eye Kit

Gulden Ophthalmics has introduced its Reti Eye kit for indirect ophthalmoscopy and photocoagulation practice and education.

The device is composed of two halves—the upper half includes a lens while the lower half houses replaceable retinal films that show vascularization and the optic nerve.

For indirect ophthalmoscopy practice, the Reti Eye is placed on a wooden base and rotated for a clear view of the fundus. During photocoagulation practice, small white spots form on the retinal film when using a green photocoagulation laser.

The kit includes the Reti Eye, a wooden base, 10 retinal films and an adjustable clamp for slit-lamp mounting.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or


Three New Instruments

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments has introduced three new instruments.

The ET0735 Wallace Double Ended Guardian/Quick Chopper combines the Wallace Guardian Chopper with a quick chopper tip for versatility. The chopper has an angled, blunt chopping tip designed for effective chopping while protecting the posterior capsule.The quick chopper tip is also angled to facilitate manipulation and lens chopping. An angled shaft is provided for ease of manipulation. The instrument is constructed in titanium for durability and low glare.

The E9036 Wallace 6-mm Capsulorhexis Gauge is designed to provide a reference to gauge the diameter of the anterior capsular opening during capsulorhexis.

The E4984 23-Gauge Lewicky Anterior Chamber Maintainer is designed for easy insertion through most side port incisions without enlargement. The instrument features a self-retaining threaded ring design for stable fixation within the corneal stroma, decreasing the possibility of inadvertent hydraulic dissection of Descemet’s membrane. It is also intended for eye surgical procedures where control of the anterior chamber depth is important, including hyphema evacuation, IOL manipulations and relocations, aspiration of difficult-to-reach or residual retained lens cortical material, and management of cataract surgery complications, such as posterior capsular rupture when controlled inflow of irrigation is crucial.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
800-338-2020 or



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