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Flap Lifter

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments has introduced the E0639 Ide LASIK Flap Lifter for LASIK surgery in which the femtosecond laser is employed.

This instrument is designed to decrease friction and improve separating ability when creating, lifting and relifting the LASIK flap. The groove design on the spatula is intended to provide well-balanced cutting and dividing ability, which reduces stress on the hinge.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
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Therapeutic Contact Lenses

Vistakon has announced that its Acuvue Oasys Brand Contact Lenses with Hydraclear Plus is now available in a plano lens for therapeutic use (8.4-mm base curve) as a bandage lens for certain acute and chronic ocular conditions.

The FDA has approved the lens for corneal protection, corneal pain relief, postsurgical conditions, structural stability and protection in piggyback lens fitting, as well as for use as a barrier during the healing process of various epithelial defects. Acuvue Oasys can also provide vision correction during healing if required.

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New Fundus Imaging Platform

Optos has released its P200MA device, a new imaging platform that produces Optomap FA angiography for use in the detection and evaluation of retinal disease.

Patients are injected with sodium fluorescein, and the device captures ultra-widefield images of the patient’s retina in real time. The device features advanced image capture and review capabilities for disease diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

According to the company, the device is useful in the diagnosis and management of a number of posterior pole to periphery pathologies, especially diabetes, because it will allow the physician to carry out highly targeted panretinal photocoagulation.

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